The 80s nearly saw the end of the entire video game industry, but through clever design and gameplay renovations, it managed to pull through. As a result, many of those older titles remain as fun to play today as they were back then. Cinelinx takes a look at the games which have aged the best. gets news from EA on their plans to revive the Tetris franchise a bit. A new and free-to-play version will soon be available on mobile devices for both Android and iOS.

Tetris will take a leap into the physical world with real-life games, according to a press release today by Hasbro Gaming. The company has reached a licensing deal with The Tetris Company to develop "multiple" products and games based on the popular tile-matching puzzle game, two of which are Jenga Tetris and Bop It Tetris.

Since the frustratingly difficult days of the 80's and 90's, it seems like our games have softened and taken a much simpler approach, offering gamers more of a fair chance within its single-player mode. In what ways? Travis from shares his thoughts.

After a long, frustrating, or intense gameplay session with your favorite shooter or action game, sometimes you need to take a break and cool down a bit from the rush. Where can you turn? Cassidee from gives us five games to help you cool off.

Some games just hold let up. They keep us playing for hours upon hours. Just one more level, block, boss, fight, etc. We're in the zone and nothing can stop us from getting just that much further in our adventures. Ron Hoffecker of lists the ten games that trapped him in a never ending cycle of "just one more level".

Guys on YouTube have decided to take the Hollywood approach to the beloved game of Tetris, in a Battleship/Transformers inspired movie trailer worthy of Michael Bay himself.'s Dean Martin names the most influential and culture defining video games in history. These have either broke the market open, defined platforms, or broken so many records in media it is insane. These four are the most important games ever.

As Handheld Week comes gets ready to wrap up,'s Ron Hoffecker puts together the best of the best to name the top handheld games in gaming history. These are the definitive games that have defined the portable realm.

Woah, 100 games is a rather huge list. And trying to make the list would seem like an almost impossible task. There's some you'll definitely agree and disagree with but take a look and see if you can find any justified positions!

"Sure, 2011 is in the rearview mirror, but that doesn’t mean we’re done looking back on the year. Sony recently its list of the year’s top-selling games and downloads on the PlayStation Network, and the titles on that list might surprise you — mainly because most of them weren’t released in 2011."

"The holiday season has always been the best time to be a gamer. It’s not hard to see why. With hyped titles hitting our shelves and Steam sales hitting our wallets, there’s never been a shortage of things to play. But long before these days were commonplace, before DLC, E3, or even Windows 95, I spent one Christmas with the greatest game I have ever played, a game that trumps every other title to this very day: Tetris." is proud to present its most Engrish sounding header yet. 3DS owners will be pleased to know there are 3D blocks inbound and many franchise characters duking it out. Yay, childhood!

"It was just yesterday that we received confirmation of Tetris: Axis's release date, and now we have the first look at the game's boxart! Pretty nifty, eh?"

EA's release of Tetris is avaialbe for free on the Android marketplace today. The game features classic gameplay as well as alternate gameplay modes, and touch controls.

The success of the original Gameboy was successful due to Tetris which appealed to the general non gaming masses. The launch of the Wii was successful due to Wii Sports. Will Nintendo be able to capture the non gaming audience again?

"Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play PlayStation phone will be landing in the UK on March 31, with six games readily-installed. The Android-powered device will launch on pay monthly deals with all the big UK networks."

"Ah Tetris. There is something undeniably safe and warm about the perennial puzzle title. It’s been on pretty much every console in existence, and anyone who considers themselves to be a gamer knows exactly how enjoyable Tetris can be. It’s as universally beloved as Mario and Master Chief. Hard to top that."

"I’m going to sum up this review of Tetris for the PS3 succinctly: it’s Tetris, it’s in HD, and the Game Boy version has better tunes. If that’s enough for $9.99, then you’ll have a solid version of Tetris for your 50” TV."

"With most playable on the PlayStation 3 as well as the PSP, and almost all coming in at under five bucks, there should be something here to keep you entertained when you want to play but don't have the time to sit down for a two-hour gaming session."

Check out five of the best non-fiction flicks about video games to date. Hey, you can't play games all the time, but watching movies about games is the next best thing.

"Oxford University is renowned the world over. The mere mention of their name let's anybody know they are authorities on whatever topic is at hand. For all of those people out there who think videogames do nothing but make problems worse, you may want to listen up: experts at the Oxford University have found that the classic puzzler Tetris could very well treat post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)."

"Here is a small selection of the most famous desktop games (both games made recently for casual play and classic games adapted for the purpose), and one thing each of them taught us."

"This is not a list of diabolical villains of gaming. No, it is a list of the unsung pricks in the gaming world. The ones who aren't really evil, just annoying as all hell. Okay, well sometime's they are evil. I'm 90% sure that Toad is nothing but a mushroom headed piece of evil."

Sony reveals the top ten best-selling Minis, which are categorized as small downloadable games on the Playstation Network, currently on the Playstation Store.

"Having purchased the Google Nexus One Android Phone not long after it was released in America back in January, I seem to be sitting down a great deal more and spending hours on end playing the games that are on offer for the Nexus One. Hours that I used to normally spend on console gaming.

From Tower Defense games, Basketball games, racing games, or simple Tetris-esque games, the Nexus One has taken up most of my gaming time over the past 2 months.

The XBOX 360 has had nothing that has..."

"It appears that Nintendo has done a good job of relying on the short-term memory loss of the video game community. While many people enjoy the Nintendo DS, lite, DSi, and subsequent XL editions of Nintendo's portable system, there's one big question - Where the hell is the Game Boy Nintendo?"

A list of top ten best-selling Playstation Portable titles on the Playstation Network so far this year, according to the latest Playstation Pulse episode.

"You’re standing in a dank dungeon, looking for a door that doesn’t exist. The lights flicker, and you hear the raging scream of a distant enemy. Flump, flump – the steps are getting closer. Arming yourself with your favourite weapon, you peer around a corner in the low light and you see him: the Big Daddy. By this time in the game, you have crossed over a mysterious threshold – your brain has mapped itself into the undersea world of Rapture and all you care about is saving your own skin. An i..."

Every gamer has a classic library of nostalgic classics. When the time comes out to pop in the dusty cartridges however, a few titles almost all gamers can agree on. Take a look at the top ten games that you should take a second (or 100th) play through.

"Blue Planet Software, a company managing the exclusive licensing rights to the Tetris game, and EA Mobile are pleased to announced that Tetris has reached over 100 million paid downloads on mobile phones since 2005, making it the pre-eminent game for the platform. Since becoming the exclusive mobile publisher for Tetris in 2006, EA Mobile has brought a number of Tetris games to almost all mobile platforms including the App Store."

"History has shown that video games and movies don’t mix. Games based off of movies are generally of lower quality, and movies based off of games are much, much worse. On the bright side, at least a few of the movies are of the so-bad-it’s-good variety. Gamers know the movies will always suck, and as such parody movie trailers of games that would make awful movies are prevalent in out fandom. We at The Gaming Dungeon are not rich or geographically close enough to do one ourselves; but we, if n..."

Ever wonder what exactly goes into the making of a video game? According to France's games/fashion mag Amusement, it's good old fashioned elbow grease.

Check out the gallery here depicting the very literal making of some of the most iconic games to date, then head to the source for some particularly funny alternate history.

""Alexey Pajitnov was just 29 years old when he was working for the Soviet Academy of Sciences in 1984. In that year, on June 6, he completed development on the first edition of Tetris. Yes, the puzzle game that has invaded our dreams and is built using nothing more than seven unique shapes made up of four blocks (officially called tetrads or tetriminos) turns 25 years old today.""

"In response to the economic downturn, I am offering personal Tetris training sessions on a limited, first-come first-serve basis. I am a patient and non-judgmental coach.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Why should I pay you to train me to play Tetris?

A: Tetris is the Greatest Video Game of All Time (Electronic Gaming Monthly, 2007), and studies have demonstrated the beneficial effect that extended sessions of playing Tetris have on things such as hand-eye-coordination, reducing PTSD, ..."

"It has been 25 years since Tetris was released. Despite all of its minor graphical enhancements, Tetris has never really changed. In response to the demands of a more challenging puzzle scenario by today’s gamers, Splitcode released its first title called SCRAP! for the iPhone and the iPod Touch."

Russ Frushtick and Chris Plante delivers a debateable list of the games that offer infinite replay - the most value for your gaming dollar. Personally, I feel there are some glaring omissions including grind-heavy and replay friendly titles like Disgaea 3, Pixeljunk's Eden and Monsters, SPORE, NEVERWINTER NIGHTS 2 (because of the ugc adventure packs) *stern look thrown Plante's way* and Way of the Samurai 3 (though I'm the only one in the office with the import and can hiragana/katakana and s...

Continuing on from part one, Damien McFerran of brings us part two of the history of Nintendo portables! This time it's the Game Boy, easily a big winner with most.

Read on to find out about the portable which gave birth to some very popular classics and more.

"Doctors have found that the six hours coming directly after said events are the most important, as that is when the memories of the incident are being put into your memory. What the use of Tetris does, is interfere with those moments. As Ed Young explains:

Tetris, it seems, makes an ideal choice for that. To position its rotating blocks, players need good "visuospatial skills" - they need to see, focus on, and act upon the positions of different objects, all at high speed. These are th..."

"It seems that entirely too often, people wonder what it would be like to see their favorite video games in real life. This results in a nearly infinite number of fan-made videos of varying levels of quality. I’ve done my best to find 12 great ones that span Mario Bros. to Portal. It’s abudantly clear that I’ve probably missed a large number, so feel free to leave your favorites in the comments. Ready…start!



  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Tetris
  3. Peggle
  4. Everquest
  5. The Sims
  6. Bejeweled
  7. Starcraft
  8. Pac-Man
  9. Street Fighter II
  10. Doom
  11. Halo 3
  12. Fallout 3
  13. Counter-Strike
  14. Grand Theft Auto IV
  15. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  16. Gears of War 2
  17. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  18. Animal Crossing
  19. Rock Band 2
  20. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2
  21. Super Mario Bros. 3
  22. Madden NFL 09
  23. Solitaire
  24. Burnout Paradise
  25. Frogger

Those NES games were the real deal back in the day. covers 21 of the most epic endings, which not surprisingly were some of the best games for the system. From somebody who has never completed Super Mario Bros. 3, it's nice to finally see the princess saved.

"From shotguns to rockets, chainsaws to weapons that fire right through walls, weapons are what make gaming fun. You can have the greatest game out there, but if the weapons sound weak and don't pack much punch, you've lost something in the interface between the gamer and the world you're trying to immerse him into."

"The classic platform game was first released in 1985 and has since become one of the biggest selling ever with more than 40 million copies flying off the shelves worldwide.

In the game brothers Mario and Luigi - now recognised the world over - try to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom in a bid to save Princess Peach.

Super Mario Bros 2 was released in 1988, and Super Mario Bros 3 in 1990. The third version was considered by many as the best, and has sold 18 million to date.

The poll of 2,0..."

"Chatter that Hudson Soft’s version of Tetris for WiiWare could arrive including support for the Wii Balance Board has intensified today, with word that the developer has both renamed the title and, more significantly, delayed its release from July until simply “sometime in 2008.”

Siliconera reports that Hudson Soft has held back Tetris WiiWare until an undisclosed date this year, while it has renamed the project to Tetris Party.

Last month Tetris WiiWare’s developer divulged that they w..."

"From the video post:

This is Mike O'Gorman's concept that I directed and edited. Mike wrote the script and even built large model Tetris blocks that we shot against green screen. I thought we could pull off the special effects if we made them highly stylized. No 3-D animation was used in this piece. Just models, 2-D animation and green screen. We were going for a Tron/Sin City look."

"The stunning MikontaloLights project culminated in a glorious pixel show created and executed at the Tampere University of Technology, which turned the 10-storey Mikontalo dorm building into a colour-splashed canvas displaying various beautiful images and its fully interactive interpretation of Tetris, all via its rigged window system."

A Tetris wedding cake, that's right. The cake was done for the groom of the wedding especially, because of his love for the Tetris game. The topping had the initials of the first name of the bride and groom, and the cake flew fast (meaning everyone loved it). Well who wouldn't, it's a Tetris cake, after all!

The most interesting part was how it was cut. The couple used the 'J' and 'C' pieces to fit it in a line, classic Tetris style.