"Originally launched last month, The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running was clearly intended to be the first of a string of titles designed to influence people into purchasing the Windows 8 Surface tablets, or reward those who had adopted the hardware. However, with the Xbox LIVE enabled software remaining thin on the ground months after launch, Microsoft Studios has seen fit to update the title with mouse and keyboard compatibility for use on all Windows 8 devices."

"Following the successful launch of Twisted Pixel’s The Gunstringer as a Kinect exclusive title on Xbox 360, Microsoft Studio are clearly keen to build a franchise out of the intellectual property (IP)."

The Kinect has fallen prey to poor review scores and software since its initial release. Why? Cassidee from Leviathyn.com shares her thoughts, and offers us some titles that don't disappoint.

From Halo to Blink and Gears of War to Perfect Dark, Microsoft may not have a robust roster of exclusive characters but it has plenty to warranty an All-Stars Battle Royale of its own. Leviathyn.com's Stephen Daly lists 25 Microsoft icons that could be thrown into the arena.

"Respectively these games are both good, solid fun games that have provided me with many hours of fun both drunken and sober! This improved Wii Sports clone works well from a technical stand point and the array of sports on offer across both titles opens up the sports category to motion gamers and these are on of those rare games that come along and can hold appeal for hardcore and casual gamers alike."

Amazon.com has quite the deal going on right now. You can get Microsoft's popular Xbox 360 camera peripheral, the Kinect, for only $100 along with three games.

"Are you looking to buy a new Xbox at one of the big sales this weekend? What about a recent AAA game at half price, or maybe an old hit that you never got around to. We looked through all of the retailers and online sales to find the best Xbox deals for Black Friday and are here with our recommendations on how you should spend your Xbucks this week."

GamePodunk editor JasonClement reports Twisted Pixel has officially been bought by Microsoft. Twisted Pixel is the developer for games such as The Gunstringer and Ms/Splosion Man who are excited to join the team of Microsoft. Read on for more details.

Pixelated Sausage reviews The Gunstringer, available now for Xbox 360 (requires Kinect). Does Twisted Pixel's first retail title match their XBLA quality? Why yes, yes it does.

In this episode the guys talk about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Rock of Ages, The Gunstringer, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, Crimson Alliance, Crazy Machines Elements, Mother 3, the 3DS Ambassador NES games, and plenty more.