STEAM's Ubisoft week continues today with Tom Clancy game downloads going for 66% off of their listed prices. See the details of this sale at

"It’s always nice to get a bargain, every gamer loves them, so it’s great to see some of Ubisoft’s great titles getting a discount for the upcoming week.

It may well inspire me to grab a few packs from the ones on offer, especially the HAWX’s ones, as that’s a favourite of mine.

Make sure you take advantage of the offers, and stock up on some of the outfits as well for Splinter Cell Convictions Co-Op outfits. Have to look your best when fighting with your mates on live – don’t you??


""Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy title, HAWX 2, is a flight combat game that utilizes futuristic technology, aircraft, and weaponry. The experience is not limited to its exciting dogfights – there are also missions that involve UAV recon and obliterating insurgents with an AC-130.""

""The original H.A.W.X. found itself stuck in an awkward position. Fans of flight sims decried the lack of realism, including the absence of fuel gauges and plane-specific physics. Meanwhile, fans of arcade-style shooters craved more in-your-face explosions and afterburner-fueled dogfights. Instead of giving in completely to either side, H.A.W.X. 2 is sticking to its guns and bolstering gameplay with new features and types of missions.""

One game that fliers love are those that include fast moving jets, quick reaction times and huge power load-outs.

H.A.W.X 2 should provide that in spades.

The news is starting to trickle out now about the game that will be released this Fall (US) and no doubt bring a smile to the face of any would be fighter pilot around the world.

From what I can see, the vid also shows some connection with the GHOST Recon group, so we'll have to wait until more news is handed out. Do check the vid...

OXCGN looks at whether or not the next iteration of the Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. franchise will deal with the problems that were in the initial game. Which is where Ace Combat: Fires Of Liberation had it over the other aerial combat title.

Come check out the editors thoughts on the matter, and share your views if you're an aerial sim (semi-sim) buff.