gets news from Ubisoft that they'll be bringing Trials Evolution back to PC, after a 5 year absence. The Trials Evolution Gold Edition will also include all tracks from Trials HD optimized for PC.

The first "proper" downloadable content for the hit XBLA title Trials Evolution, called Origin of Pain, is scheduled to be released today and adds new tracks, gear, and game modes. | Citing indie developers as some of the greatest innovators in years, Cassidee sorts out the top 25 must-play downloadable games of this current generation. What made the top 10?

"Earlier today Ubisoft announced The Origin of Pain, the first DLC add-on for the popular Xbox Live Arcade physics-based motorcycle racer Trials Evolution.

The upcoming downloadable content pack includes:

*Tons of new track editor features including support for teleporting, gun firing, vector math, and a host of new objects.

*36 new tracks like a haunted circus, deserted beaches, and even the rip of a volcano.

*Players can use an actual BMX Bike with it’s own special event and in-g..."

With Trials Evolution being a sequel to one of the most successful Xbox Live Arcade games of all time, it's financial success was all but guaranteed. But, is the game's quality up to that of its predecessor? Matt of Gaming Irresponsibly let's you know in his review.

"Hey everybody. Guess what? John-Charles Holmes was gone this week, watching anime or something like that. Know what that means? It means that I had to record and edit the podcast. Turns out I’m not good at that, so forgive this weeks show for being a tad rough. Regardless of that it was a fun show, we talked about Fez and Trials: Evolution, as well as how God of War: Ascension could be a farm sim/kart racer."'s Jonathan Posch talks about the recent and upcoming changes to Xbox Live Arcade. Also, a look into how the future of the service could evolve with the last of the 360's time and into the 720's lifetime.

"The first title in the new parade of Xbox LIVE Arcade releases known as the ‘Arcade NEXT’ season, the long awaited Trials Evolution is now available to download. Developed by RedLynx, Trials Evolution promises to deliver the next dimension of the smash-hit Trials HD on every front."

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Microsoft announces its 'Arcade Next' lineup of springtime Xbox Live Arcade games, featuring Trials Evolution, Bloodforge, Fable Heroes and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Details and video montage inside.

RedLynx's upcoming XBLA title, Trials Evolution, was listed on the Xbox Marketplace with an April 18th release date. The page was since taken down and the date changed to hundreds of years in the future, but it has to be assumed that is in an attempt to distract from the probably April release.

RedLynx released the debut gameplay trailer for Trials Evolution, the follow-up to Trials HD coming to Xbox Live Arcade this spring. The highlight of the video is the game's level editor which brings LittleBigPlanet style mini-game creation to dirt bike racer.