The Vita is by no means a bad system. Sure it had a rough start and it's nowhere near the sales of the 3DS. Even the strongest supporters of the system have their complaints . The lack of games, the price of memory cards, the issues with firmware updates, the battery life, and how its not quite a handheld and not quite a console. Discouraged? Don't be, there are still several good reasons for picking up a Vita. Some of the better reasons include cross play, cross buy, and PS+ support that off... reveals a new title for PC called Death Road. If you've ever played Wipeout on any of Sony's consoles, then you've played this game. There are 2 gameplay trailers to show you just how similar it is.

Wipeout has been a staple franchise for Sony since the original PlayStation. Does Wipeout 2048 crash and burn on the PlayStation Vita or does it shine?

"GamingUnion: "Back in 2005, WipEout Pure was a core part of the PlayStation Portable's launch. It's something that Sony felt worked rather well and for that reason, we're looking at another Wipeout title for the launch of the PlayStation Vita. This time around it's called WipEout 2048 and it features the same hi-octane action that we've come to expect from the series, but that's not to say it offers a great deal more.""

"That’s it! The moment finally came! Two gaming giants are now sizing each other up, ready for a bloody, cut-throat battle. Who will dominate the market? Who will leave with their tail between their legs? Most importantly, who will come out on top after another skirmish in the Sony vs. Nintendo war? As I opened the box containing my PlayStation Vita last week, I was struck by several things; the size, the vast array of features and the dual thumb sticks. What never even crossed my mind was: “T..."

Craig Will of has found a deal for you. It's not heavily advertised, or advertised at all really, but Amazon is having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free on PS Vita games. Click the link in the article to be taken to the landing page.

"Prior to the patch, the game could take upwards of 45 seconds to load a track, so this patch is a big improvement. The patch isn’t currently available with the European version of the game, and rightly so since the game isn’t officially out here yet."

"Purchase a PlayStation Vita 3G from Vodafone and get some extra bonuses to sweeten the deal. The PS Vita will cost £279, but Vodafone will give you a free 4GB memory card to go with it. In addition, if you top-up your PS Vita sim card with £5 credit, you’ll get WipEout 2048 for free as well as 250MB of data for 30 days." is offering a 25% discount on the pre-order of the upcoming Wipeout 2048 on the PS Vita. The futuristic racing game will feature cross-platform multiplayer with Wiepout HD Fury on the PlayStation 3.

Amazon's Top 5 Vita pre-orders. These titles will form the bulk of our initial experience with Sony's upcoming handlheld, according to the online retail giant.

"More and more Vita info coming in after the showcase in London earlier in the week. With a stellar line up from first party developers already announced in an early post we suddenly got sent a pic with some box art!"

A bunch of new screenshots have been released by Sony Computer Entertainment for their upcoming futurist racing launch title for the PS Vita, Wipeout 2048.

"Last time I collected NeoGAF’s great MS Paint renditions of video games, it was for a years worth. Someone decided to start the thread early, which is fine with me as a lot of great work from Junior Members of the board are now able to participate, along with some classic pieces from older members. Below are just my favorite picks, enjoy guessing which games they are from, and make sure to check the original thread which is still active on NeoGAF."

One of these days, someone will ask "Where's our 15 NEW PSX Games For Our Store" and the person will be asking on behalf both the US and European Stores. The games that have been released on the store are somewhat classics, and hopefully they will be ported to the other regions very soon. Here's the full list:

PSX Games:

  • Ape Escape
  • Athena –Awakening From The Ordinary Life-
  • Crash Bandicoot 2
  • Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi S
  • King's Field 2
  • Major Wave Series : The Conveni 2
  • Major W...

"Asked whether or not game-makers were too frequently ignoring the multi-functionality offered by the PSP, WipEout's Tony Buckley replied, "Yes, I suppose so. You know, there's a lot in there that you can use. For example the whole idea of playing your own MP3s in a game - it's not rocket science so we've done it and it's a nice extra feature. The music is there on the machine - why should you not be able to use it?""