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NHL 09 Demo Announced! August 11, 2008
"Yea, the rumor I'm hearing now is August 28th because it is twelve days before release and that i..."
Wii 2? Who cares right now? August 11, 2008
"Really doesn't matter now; it will be a long while before it releases anyway"
"Was it really? Wow never knew that before. That is interesting."
First Look into NHL 09 June 12, 2008
"Well obviously it would make it "realistic" but that is knitpicking and it really would add anyth..."
First Look into NHL 09 June 12, 2008
"So adding blood to a hockey game and letting you hit the referee would make it more realistic and..."
First NHL 09 Trailer June 11, 2008
"Yeah, I wasn't too impressed with the first railer but it is only a first look. Also, 08 graphics..."