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"Probably some porn or violent game to look "cool." What a loser."
"I'm with you there, King. World of Warcraft IS a little weird. "
SSBB Update - Yoshi July 26, 2007
"I really didn't like playing as Yoshi in SSBM. In fact he was the worst character to play as, in ..."
OMG I Ate My Wii July 26, 2007
"Are you serious? Anyways I'm so getting that cake for my birthday. It's only in two weeks "
"But there's still no way he could get caught, since the video doesn't show too much of him."
SSBB - Rumble Falls July 25, 2007
"Oh no... Icicle Mountain's back! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I really hope this isn't infinite like before...."