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The Wii Fat beckons July 19, 2007
""The wii fit looks great with anything from Ikea" Oh my, I have just died... now to find my..."
The Wii Fat beckons July 19, 2007
""The makers of Wii Sports give you a little white thing you stand on" "Explore exciting new..."
"I never had a chance to play if for teh PS2 since mine broke xD... Heard it was a great game..."
Goodbye to Gameboy July 19, 2007
"I still have my electric purple Game Boy Color, it came with Pokemon Yellow... The Gameboys are w..."
"Production costs are cheaper in China, which is why almost EVERYTHING is made in China. But the i..."
"Hope this game doesn't get canceled and is brought back up, would be a shame if it never gets rel..."