For months retro gamers have been waiting for the RetroN5 to be released. Thanks to our friends over at Video Game Rescue we know we will not have long to wait and we also have another surprise in from the folks at Hyperkin.

Welcome back to part two of my look at some classic and obscure Nintendo games that deserve a reboot or remake. Last time, I looked at 10 Nintendo owned games and franchises that I’d like to see given a second chance on the Wii U and 3DS. This time, I’ll be looking at some third party offerings from days gone by that could make for some fun revivals on a new generation of Nintendo hardware.

"Super Mario Risk is by Luis Huertas of Peru, who offered a look at his game on the design showcase Behance. The set comes with 80 character sheets, a set of 48 cards and dice. The territories on the playing board all come from Super Mario World — Party Island, Chocolate Island, the Forest of Illusion and Donut Plains. The game pieces are Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Princess Peach."

Did you know that the instrument from the original Zelda game features in later titles as well as other Nintendo games? No, me neither and fortunately GameTrailers have this cool video explaining where else we can hear this mysterious little jingle.

The NES is still one of the beloved video game consoles out there and this month Cinelinx is putting the spotlight on it. Today they're breaking down the most enjoyable games that you're likely still playing.

Cinelinx takes a look back at some of the most annoying enemies from the days of retro gaming. They may not have been the toughest enemies to battle, but they were enough to give you grey hairs.

"Following the release of two new clothing items featuring artwork from The Legend of Zelda last week, two new designer wallets themed on the hugely popular videogame franchise are now available. As opposed to having protagonist Link emblazoned across them, these wallets opt for subtlety, featuring the Triforce as their key emblem."