While it's not the first game i played (Killer Instinct ftw) the first title i ever completed was Super Mario World. After borrowing the game from my half-sister I spent countless hours seated in front of the televison collecting coins, stomping on Goombas, and basically doing whatever it took to thwart Bowsers evil plans. Despite this being back in days when I pretty much liked any game I played, even my 3 year old brain could tell there was something extra special about Super Mario World. B...

Join John and Erik for this special retro edition where they talk about the Dreamcast turning 15, Retroscribe closing its doors, games we have picked up and more!

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"The following five game consoles in our humble opinion should be added to your bucket list. These silicon chipped monsters are the most awesome machines ever released for gamers and we are here to tell you why these are worth playing!"

Retroscribe is a game rental service which caters to Retro Gamers. The RetroN 5 is Hyperkin's new multi-function game console that fans of retro gaming have eagerly purchased. These two go hand in hand, the Gamer's Lounge has taken the time to break down both.

The title says it all. The RetroN 5 has caused the demand for retro games to go up. Is this because everyone thinks they have a gaming goldmine? Does this mean the price will climb? How does this affect collectors?

Move over Gamefly, there is a new online rental service in town. RetroScribe, a new rental service for retro games. Thats right, NES, SNES, Genesis and N64 games shipped right to your door.

John and Erik finally have there hands on the new RetroN 5 and have put in some play time on the system. Here is there review and feelings on this long awaited console.

Join John and Erik this month for an interview with Bill Hecklick, founder of Retroscribe, the Gamefly for Retro Games. We also share our feelings on the RetroN 5, Repro carts and more!

With the RetroN5 finally released to the masses, there is a renewed interest in grabbing game cartridges of old. Many of us go to Yard Sales, Flea Markets and Thrift Stores hoping to score that great game at a great price. But one thing you should really do with any cartridges bought before you place them in your console. Clean them, the right way.

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"Mega Man - All Mega Man"

I have never played a Mega Man game, and this seems like the good place to start.
Maybe a deal can happen if you buy mutliples of them at once.

The RetroN 5 is right around the corner. This will be one of the cheapest ways to play retro games. The Gamer's Lounge speculates as this system makes retro gaming more popular will the cost of retro games rise? Will Sonic 2 hit $30?

Spawnstaffer Corey looks back at his first gaming memories in the video diary "Childhood Gaming Memories." In the first episode, he looks back at his first game Super Mario Bros.

"The Analogue Nt is machined from a single block of 6061 aluminum alloy, and inside that smooth metal shell lies the soul of old-school Nintendo. Built with the same CPU used in the NES and Famicom, "the Analogue Nt is the only NES on the market that is built with original hardware," says Analogue Interactive's website."

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A German USK Rating Board has leaked the news that Final Fantasy III will be coming to the PC. Before they had the Nintendo DS remake, Final Fantasy III was the least accessible Final Fantasy game as it was only available in the Famicom in Japan. There has been no release date announced yet.

For months retro gamers have been waiting for the RetroN5 to be released. Thanks to our friends over at Video Game Rescue we know we will not have long to wait and we also have another surprise in from the folks at Hyperkin.

Welcome back to part two of my look at some classic and obscure Nintendo games that deserve a reboot or remake. Last time, I looked at 10 Nintendo owned games and franchises that I’d like to see given a second chance on the Wii U and 3DS. This time, I’ll be looking at some third party offerings from days gone by that could make for some fun revivals on a new generation of Nintendo hardware.

"Super Mario Risk is by Luis Huertas of Peru, who offered a look at his game on the design showcase Behance. The set comes with 80 character sheets, a set of 48 cards and dice. The territories on the playing board all come from Super Mario World — Party Island, Chocolate Island, the Forest of Illusion and Donut Plains. The game pieces are Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Princess Peach."