July was a slow month and I was out of town a lot. This left only a few weekends for garage sales. But I still had good luck and I found a few gems. The season is over halfway done and there is only about 2 months left in my area. There are still plenty of games to be found.

"While Nintendo’s Wii U console suffers a slow and agonizing death, we can look away for just a few moments to enjoy Nintendo’s prowess in retro gaming with the NES Classic Edition. I know that sounds weird seeing as I grew up in the “classic” era of gaming, but the reveal of this miniature console is a dream come true and I can’t wait to buy mine. These are five reasons why I’ll be short $60 in November."

This morning, Nintendo revealed that their classic console, one of the most beloved gaming machines in the history of the industry, is making a return this holiday season in a new and updated way.

With a different bonus mechanic or fewer enemies 1943 would be a playable, though not exciting, shooter. As it is, though, for every good moment there are two frustrating ones and I only completed it thanks to the infinite continues. The series got improved with this sequel but still lacked quality.

"Now I am not a parent, and one day I would like to be, but I’m told it is easier to have kids if you can get past a first date, so I’m working on that. I do think that my parents had it hard trying to pick what games to get me with absolutely no idea about the hobby. When I become a parent, I’m thinking that I will know exactly what to buy my offspring."