With a different bonus mechanic or fewer enemies 1943 would be a playable, though not exciting, shooter. As it is, though, for every good moment there are two frustrating ones and I only completed it thanks to the infinite continues. The series got improved with this sequel but still lacked quality.

"Now I am not a parent, and one day I would like to be, but I’m told it is easier to have kids if you can get past a first date, so I’m working on that. I do think that my parents had it hard trying to pick what games to get me with absolutely no idea about the hobby. When I become a parent, I’m thinking that I will know exactly what to buy my offspring."

"Neverwinter Nights (PC) - Battle - Forest Boss

I touched on the somewhat mystical quality of another Neverwinter Nights song last week when discussing City Docks Day. There were a lot of really good battle tunes in this one, but the Forest Boss song always stood out in my mind. The battle itself was not even the most memorable one, but right around the one minute mark, it reaches an epic level that just stuck with me."

"This installment of Memorable Music in Gaming is spread out over a handful of different console generations, but were all titles that resonated with me as games while still having sound tracks that stuck with me in one way or another as well.

Neverwinter Nights (PC) - City Docks Day

I spent so much time playing Neverwinter Nights and its expansions - and then building out and playing modules that the amazing community helped to prop up for several years. While the graphics engine at the..."

1942 started a series of shooters, so it was successful. I guess with two players it could have been fun, especially if you think that good shooters were rare so early in the eighties. Nevertheless, its old age is no excuse for the total lack of variety and the unfair difficulty. I am a fan of arcade shooters but 1942 has no place in my heart.

"In this installment, we have quite the range of songs, ranging from as recent as this latest generation to a title hearkening from the old NES days. Hamza even tells us briefly why he favored the Sega consoles over the Nintendo ones in one of the selections."

Playing games on the couch with some friends and pizza is quickly becoming a joyful past-time. More and more developers are leaving couch co-op behind for online multiplayer, 343 being the biggest culprit with Halo 5. This list has 5 of the best couch co-op games from my youth.

"Memories are a funny thing. If asked to describe myself, I’d say I’m a pretty solitary gamer. I enjoy single player epics like Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher, anything Bioware puts out. I tend to stay away from online play, even in games that are seemingly made for it. But when I look back at the moments that really stand out for me, it is a far different story."

"Gaming nostalgia is a very powerful thing indeed. Sometimes we recall games more fondly than they probably still deserve. Other times it gives us an incredible amount of loyalty towards a series, even if sometimes it stumbles now and again. For those of us who have been gaming for a while now, there are usually a handful of distinct moments where it just 'stuck'. The team is going to take a look back into the past - our own sort of personal Retro Reflections if you will - and recall some of t..."