Telltale Games have revealed the first trailer for their upcoming Game of Thrones Series. The trailer features some familiar features and reveals that the first episode, titled "Iron From Ice" will be premiering soon.

"The Viziv has a 2 litre horizontally-opposed direct injection turbocharged engine. It boasts maximum power output of 591 Brake Horsepower and 800 Nm (82 Kgfm) of maximum torque. The version 1.14 update is expected soon."

"Layden said that things were moving forward with Driveclub and he is monitoring the servers on a daily basis. He said he would rather take risks than play it safe. Regarding Evolution Studios (developers of Driveclub) Layden said:

“You know, they tried to do the best, newest, greatest thing ever to happen in the driving genre and they hit a hiccup,” Layden said. “I prefer people to have the ambition to try that, though. It’s no fun being safe all the time.”"

Amazon UK are currently offering great Xbox One bundle deals.

One such deal offers the Xbox One console, Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year Edition (Full game download), Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within for a stunning price of just £349.00!

Today marks the release of Checkpoint Champions for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. The new trailer above shows some of the action that this top down racer has to offer.

Checkpoint Champions is a free game developed by Protostar Games, who are based in Brisbane, Australia.

The pirating of video games is something both developers and publishers dread. It results in the loss of potential revenue for both parties; a smaller paycheck for the publishers and an even smaller check for the developers, the ones who put their blood, sweat and tears into making these games. Due to this, it is unsurprising when the companies voice their displeasure, and take anti-piracy measures — sometimes at the expense of paying customers.

Kojima Productions has finally revealed the minimum and recommended specifications for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on the PC version of the game.

The Gamer’s Lounge Crew has put together a list of what they are hoping to pick up for Black Friday. Along the way, they are mentioning the “must buy” deals for video games on Black Friday, as well as which store has the best deal for consoles or the new AAA games.

"The update adds Photo Mode, three new tracks, a search ability for a Club name after sending a Club challenge, new server announcements functionality as well as a host of other smaller fixes."

They say that once every full moon in October, a red devil comes from the Ghoul Realm to wreack havoc onto humanity... but not this year, for the Ghoul Realm was in danger. Polarity braved through the Ghoul Realm's calamity to deliver this review of Gargoyle's Quest, a game that set its sights high and was a mostly competent game... except for the dungeons and bridge levels, which he found to be excellently designed and well, well worth going through the otherwise serviceable overworld and bo...

"Attention PS4 players: If you’re only able to play 1v1 matches with a limited roster, it’s because your game is installing this launch day patch. You will be able to experience the full game once the patch is installed/downloaded."

"Videos of GTA V’s first-person sex scenes have been making the rounds and circulating throughout the gaming sphere. Gamers have been able to see first-hand exactly what it looks like to get it on with a prostitute in first-person. Some gamers thought it was cool. Some gamers thought it was repulsive. Some gamers thought Rockstar had gone too far. Well, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has finally chimed in on all the chatter surrounding the chronically co..."

The latest update for Super Smash Bros. 3DS has been made available for download from the Nintendo e-shop. Balance changes have apparently been made, and also changes to improve playing experience.

Dragon Age Inquisition is launching today on United States of America and Russia. However, a piracy leak has been running around the internet for several days now. As usual, the issue is with the crack. Apparently, crackers are having a hard time breaking through the code due to the new technical protection measures implemented by BioWare and Electronic Arts Games.

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has confirmed today that there will be a new playable character coming to Hyrule Warriors in the next DLC Pack.

The DLC Pack is titled the Twilight Princess Pack and will launch on November 27th. It will include new weapons, costumes, an adventure map and Twili Midna as a playable character. Twili Midna will use the Mirror of Twilight as her weapon, it made its appearance in Twilight Princess and was destroyed at the end of the game.

“When I was developing Twi...

In this episode, we examine the progression of our castle since the previous episode, finish constructing its rooftops, and add a few hanging lanterns to the build.

"Epic Games has offered developers an early look at the updates coming to Unreal Engine 4 in the next release, 4.6, which include an important update for virtual reality (VR) developers. There are a number of noteworthy new features listed in the preview, but highest on the list for the VR development community will most certainly be the integration of the latest SDK and Runtimes from Oculus VR."

"Upon reading this a few hours ago, I turned on my PS4, downloaded the patch and booted up the game only to find, that nothing had changed. Instead of getting pissed, shutting the game off and calling it a night, I decided to replay the final mission again. Sadly after beating, no trophy unlocked and the game still acts as though I have only beaten the first three missions."

"Wow, would you believe it? Mr Miyamoto has turned 62 today. As I’m sure you’re all aware, Shigeru Miyamoto is renowned for creating some of the best video game franchises of all-time. He’s been taking a backseat on development lately and training up aspiring video game developers at Nintendo. Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish him a very happy 62nd birthday."

"Peripheral manufacturer Hori has created an adorable Pikachu themed GameCube fight pad for the upcoming Super Smash Bros on the Wii U. Unfortunately to use it you need to plug it into your Wii Remote. However, it does come equipped with a rather handy turbo function that comes in three speed settings. If you are interested in importing then you can grab the Pikachu Hori Classic Controller for 3,434 yen."

"As I sit here recovering from a nasty illness that left me almost completely inert this entire week, I feel obligated to take a moment to share my indelible gratefulness toward video games. It's not something uttered too often these days. Between companies like EA and Ubisoft continually upsetting their fanbases and the perennial myth that video games are to blame for violence (much like how rock 'n' roll was destroying society in the 60s), there's a lot of pessimism in gaming right now. Anot..."

GG3 writes: "Don’t buy Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor as Steam’s Daily Deal. There’s a perfectly good way to get a Steam key for €20.14, which is more than €15 cheaper. Now that’s a deal!" Other deals are included.

"Arcen Games: "The expansion includes 17 new ships, 2 new solar system backgrounds, 32 new abilities, 19 new achievements, 13 new music tracks and 5 new quests. It also introduces two completely different ways to play the game — Betrayal and Invasion...""

Ready your weapons Vault Hunters. The world premiere trailer for Tales from the Borderlands has just dropped and boy does it look good. No word yet on when the first episode comes out.

"Whether it be the frame rate drops, game crashing, or random character glitches, Assassin’s Creed Unity is one of the most poorly prepared games for its launch date this year! Ubisoft is also catching grief because the release date for the game was pushed back to “better the quality.”"