"The era of the augs is over. Ever since the ‘Aug incident’, where mechanically augmented humans let loose and became violently uncontrollable, augs have been cast aside as social outcasts."

"Using the unique style of stop motion clay animation, Armikrog wants to tell the tale of Tommynaut and his blind, talking alien dog, Beak-Beak, as they try to unravel the mysteries of the fortress holding them captive."

Oh what a Rush you’ll get from the latest Rocksmith 2014 downloadable content, which is a large selection of tracks by the Canadian rock band – Rush.

Whenever there’s a new Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale going on, it’s sometimes hard to decide which are really bargains and which you should probably avoid.

Now Gamescom is over, you’d hope the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale is ready to capitilise on gamers being hyped for gaming with a decent selection of sales.

The fourth week of roster reveals for WWE 2K17 have arrived and there are plenty of current, and former, NXT Superstars included on the list, as well as some obvious reveals.

New expansion Kingdom New World brings life to Kingdom. Exploring new lands is one of the things we may do, with new levels brings new excitement. Designed and created by Thomas van den Berg, Marco Bancale and Published by Raw Fury Games.

When you strip away the graphics and only focus on “What we do” in the game is kind of genius, as a new king in the land, it is our responsibility to spend our coins wisely and keeping our citizens safe from the dark forces that roam the land. The game lo...

2K and Hangar 13 decided to reveal the details of the quintessential 1960s track list of Mafia III, and it’s safe to say there are loads of cracking tunes included.

A look at the games coming out on Xbox 360 and Xbox One this coming week, 22nd – 28th August 2016. A decent amount of games are about to hit the stores this week for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

"Let’s start with the darkest of them all. Players will be able to get their long-awaited hands on the most villainous incarnation of Vegeta we’ll be sure to see in the Dragon Ball Z universe…"

It’s been a hectic week, with all sorts of trailers and news coming from Gamescom 2016. Now though, we should relax and reflect on our favourite or most interesting articles in this past week 14th-20th August.

Snowcastle Games have come a long way with Earthlock: Festival of Magic and now, they’re getting the biggest spotlight of all in Games With Gold for September.

"There’ll be special stages, boss battles and character progression/customisation throughout the story, which kicks off after Uncle Grandpa creates a tear in the universe."

"Available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the Titanfall 2 Open Multiplayer Tech Test will allow you to get a feel of the new Titans, Pilot abilities and navigate yourself round a couple of new maps."

"The game, it seems, is a disappointment at best and an egregious oversell otherwise. Or, you know, a lie; the gory specifics and consequences of which now more densely populate the internet than does anything, apparently, No Man’s Sky itself."

The Xbox Game Preview scheme has gotten a slimy new addition today, in the form of Slime Rancher. That lifelong dream of wrangling slimy creatures can now be realised on Xbox One!

The hotly anticipated official game for Formula One has arrived in stores. It’s time to head out to the track for some high speed racing in F1 2016… Who’s with us?

This post is dedicated to League of Legends players who are looking to become a better ADC carry. Today we will be focusing on two main areas, team fight positioning and laning phase positioning.

"If you’re not sure what Steep is, think of dropping into the Alps and Alaska where the whole place is open to explore via snowboarding, paragliding, skiing and wingsuit flying."

Local multiplayer titles are becoming quite a regular thing these days, but it’s not often you’ll see an old lady fighting a baby. This is what we’re dealing with in Unnamed Fiasco.

"Little Nightmares, developed by Tarsier Studios, has already been nominated for Best Indie Game, but what can we expect from it when it releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC?"

"The limited edition KontrolFreek Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ‘Zombies in Spaceland’ CQC Performance Thumbstick has been designed specifically with the Zombies in Spaceland mode in mind."

Imagine waking up in an abandoned asylum with just a single memory that explains nothing about your current predicament… now stop imagining, and prepare to be thrown into that exact situation for GET EVEN.

Each week EA Sports creates a FIFA Ultimate Team Team of the Week (TOTW) based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. Is there anyone you’d fancy in your team?

"Due to this agreement, Konami can work together with Borussia Dortmund to ensure the club, and all aspects involved with it, are reproduced accurately for the next four years."