Who are the Awesomenauts, and why are they assembling? Well, Awesomenauts is a fantastic little lane based side-scrolling shooter that involves destroying your opponents turrets as you battle your way through to try and destroy their drill core. Seems simple, right?

I’ve already told you about the indie games that blew my tiny little mind at EGX 2016, but that lot consisted of titles that I had never previously heard of – or at least wasn’t previously fussed about.

Who the hell wants to sit around plucking strings by themselves when they can get a group together for the ultimate jam session? No-one that’s who…which is why today’s Guitar Hero Live announcement should excite many.

Available to download right now, or purchase from your local store if you’re one of those strange people who like to buy physical discs, FIFA 17 is the latest and greatest football title to date. Or at least that’s what EA will have you thinking.

Despite that long and potentially overwhelming title, Star Realms is actually a really simple deckbuilding card game. A deckbuilding game is one where you start with a very bare bones set of cards – in this case just 10 – and slowly acquire more and in doing so build up a deck. Star Realms is easily one of the smartest and most addictive short card games I’ve played in a very long time – it is also one of the best.

After being revealed at the EA Play conference during the week of E3.

Crash Landed now delves into the mystery that is Fe from Swedish developer Zoink Games and the debut title in the newly announced EA Originals program.

If you’ve been following the first season of HITMAN, then you’ll probably realise that it is fast coming to a close. Right now, you can grab the penultimate episode of Season One – Colorado!

It may have arrived a month or so ago to lukewarm applause, but Assetto Corsa isn’t going to just lay down and get a Forza Horizon sized kicking. Instead, it’s being treated to a new DLC pack and this one brings in plenty of new cars.

Still taking things down in Rainbow Six: Siege? You may just be interested in today’s DLC…especially if you’re a fan of The Division too! Surely it’s a must have for fans of both games?

After a poor week of Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale discounts last time round, eager Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will be hoping there are a ton of decent bargains to get involved in this time round.

Zen Studios have been a little quiet recently, but that is all set to change as the latest Pinball FX2 table to release focuses firmly on the women of Marvel.

If you’re one of the smart kids who decided to pick up, play and thoroughly enjoy Ironcast when it first released on Xbox One earlier in the year then you may well be interested to hear that a new downloadable content pack allows you to enhance your experience with a whole new Ironcast.

A.O.T. Wings of Freedom hasn’t been out awfully long, but there are already a fairly decent amount of story additions making themselves available for download. Fancy getting involved?

Available right now, the limited edition performance FPS Freek Call of Duty Modern Warfare thumbsticks for both Xbox One and PS4 can be grabbed direct from the guys at KontrolFreek, or by visiting retailers around the world. Priced at $17.99, they are a must have option for fans of the upcoming Modern Warfare Remastered.

The Voice of Freedom is free to download for all those who are holders of the Homefront Expansion Pass, or can alternatively pick it up as a separate £4.99/£4.49 on PS4, Xbox One or PC.

If you were at EGX 2016 last week then you would have had the chance to check out We Sing with a rather delightful booth. Today though, a new trailer and the full song listings are the two things which get us rather excited.

But which of the few discounts available on both formats should you be snapping up? And which should you be leaving well alone? We take a look at best and worst of the deals in place for 27th Sept – 3rd Oct 2016.

Cinelinx has an update on the status of the Knights of the Old Republic HD remake/remaster they originally scooped and reported on last year. While the game still exists, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast...

After announcing earlier in March of this year that Mike Bithell’s indie stealth-hit Volume, will be receiving a limited physical release on PlayStation Vita; Limited Run Games have now finally revealed a release date along with print numbers for the game title.

Support is a vital class in all Battlefield titles. It makes a return in Battlefield 1 as one of the six primary classes players can utilize in multiplayer. This class is primarily intended for assisting assault players that are pushing objectives, resupplying ammo, and more. Learn more about the support class in BF1 right here.

"After a super successful Kickstarter, ROCKFISH Games have announced that their fast-pace roguelike space shooter is launching on Xbox One via Game Preview and it’s available right now."

"At the event you can watch panels discussing your favourite game (which should be Minecraft), hang out with thousands of like-minded crafters, shake hands with the Mojang team and rub shoulders with YouTubers!"

Forggoton Anne is a 2D cinematic adventure, developed by ThroughLine games, featuring beautifully hand-crafted animation in this story-driven world of the Forgotton Realm.

When the official WWE videogame WWE 2K17 launches on October 11th, the accompanying Season Pass will present players with a treasure trove of additional content over time.

You can now head on down to Virginia to get stuck into a missing person investigation. Are you ready to uncover the truth? In this first person thriller set in the secluded town of Kingdom, you’ll take control of an FBI graduate agent, Anne Tarver.