We’ve partaken in the fun with the first pack and we’ve enjoyed the games found in the second. Now though Jackbox Games are back as they drop The Jackbox Party Pack 3 onto Xbox One.

"Battlefield 1 is the first big shooter to arrive during this busy period of game releases and EA will surely be hoping that its early arrival allows it to grab the players and fire a shot across the bows of the likes of Call of Duty and, to a lesser extent, Titanfall 2."

Having not been impressed recently by Nintendo, I was absolutely shocked by how much I like the Switch. Follow the link to read why I'm so excited about Nintendo's new console. And let me know what you think about the Switch!

"Episode one ‘The Order of the Stone’ kicked off Minecraft: Story Mode – A Telltale Games Series this time last year and really hit the ground running with its humour, a likeable main character in Jesse and the whole experience stayed true to its Minecraft roots."

There are white controllers, there are black ones. There are modded ones and there are standard ones. There are themed ones and there are shiny ones. And now, there is the all-new Dawn Shadow Xbox One Wireless Controller.

Pokemon Sun/Moon is coming out soon and the anticipation is palpable. Everybody is eager to explore this latest region, capture and train all kinds of new Pokemon. With the release of the Pokemon Sun/Moon Demo players can get their first takes of Alola and the Pokemon it has to offer. When player finish the demon they are even rewarded with a free Ash-Greninja.

Many will find themselves happy with their current Xbox One, but there were certainly plenty of people out there who were excited at the prospect of a new console when Microsoft announced the Xbox One S back at E3 2016. Sure, they also announced the hotly anticipated Project Scorpio – but no-one really knows what that is. The Xbox One S on the other hand was a new and improved console that would be available this year.

PES 2017 is the best Pro Evo title for a number of years, but that doesn't mean Konami are resting on their laurels. Instead they are preparing the first of two free updates which will be live before the end of November. Want to check out the details?

Player choice and social options are both vastly increased as the removal of Alliance restrictions outside of PvP and the introduction of game-wide content scaling takes hold. It's a free update too, so you need not worry about anything!

It’s been out in Japan for a while now and on the 1st of November, we’ll find out exactly what it’s all about, as developers OneorEight release their 2D side-scrolling action adventure to the general Xbox One, PS4 and PC public.

The Xbox Game Preview (and Steam Early Access for that matter) are great options for those looking to dip in and out of games still in development, allowing gamers to help the team behind them push through a better, more refined product.

Dropping good old classic arcade shooting mechanics into a field of modern day twists, The Bug Butcher sees you play as Harry an exterminator who just loves ridding the universe of bugs.

HoPiKo may come with a very strange name, but it gives you the opportunity to grab your power gloves and save the brothers in a speed running platformer with hundreds of cleverly crafted levels.

Team17 are great. No, we’re not saying that because we’re sucking up to them, we’re saying that because the vast majority of titles that they produce are of the very highest indie quality.

We may be some way off of the release of Prey but that doesn’t stop us wanting to learn more about it. Today a whole new video has been released and it focuses in on the alternate history.

Available to download right now, The Detention Squad DLC for 7 Days To Die costs just £1.59. For that measly amount of cash you'll be able to customise you character with skins direct from The Detention Squad.

So that's exactly what Harmonix are doing as they bundle together Rock Band 4 and the Rock Band Rivals expansion.

With more than 1800 songs available in the Rock Band library, if there is one game that cannot be accused of holding back the content, it's Rock Band.

How do you build on the incredible? Well, how about you chuck a load of extra content on top of the usual offering? That’s exactly what is happening today as the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Extended Edition drops onto Xbox One.

Defining survival horror and ensuring that many memorable moments are created, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 have combined to bring you a pack full of content, DLC, costumes and expansions.

The prog-rockers may be getting on a little, but many of their tracks fail to age and so the opportunity to download, learn, play and master the likes of Starship Trooper and Roundabout shoudn’t be turned down.

You see, whilst the standard edition of the game won’t become available until the 21st October, those Battlefield fans hungry for war will have to purchase the more expensive editions.

"A turn based title, it will be up to you to lead your troops in battle as you blend RPG elements, fast paced tactics and intricate unit customisation in a world where only the strongest will survive."

Last week's Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale was pretty damn good. But last week was last week and now there's a whole new load of Xbox One and Xbox 360 discounts to get excited about.

The successfully Kickstarted game Slain makes its console debut on the
PlayStation 4. Find out if this 80s / 90s inspired gothic hack and slash is
worth your time in this review.

""The trailer highlights points where the protagonist struggles to maintain the authoritative persona needed by a captain. At the same time, it shows the bond and commitment between his teammates." -Jordan Aslett | Gamer Professionals"