Paladin Danse is one of the strongest companions in Fallout 4 and probably the hardest to romance. Hist peculiar personality and endless requirements make him a very devoted choice. Learn how can you recruit and romance Paladin Danse.

Blade&Soul is a highly anticipated MMO coming to North America and Europe on January 19, 2016. The closed-beta phase is currently on-going and here’s a set of things that you need to know before playing.

Square Enix today sent out word reminding PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 players about the upcoming closure of the long-standing MMORPG game, Final Fantasy XI.

They also sneaked in a comment stating that subscription charges will persist unless cancelled manually

"The developers and publisher of the increasingly popular armored combat MMO Armored Warfare, Obsidian Entertainment and, today announced the beginning of an exciting special Black Friday event that will continue through until its conclusion on December 6th"

Available right now for £44.99 (yes, £44.99) on Xbox One and £29.99 on Xbox 360, Handball 16 will give you the chance to play as all your favourite Handball teams (sorry, we can’t even name one.

Bringing in a whole new approach to the first person shooter scene, Rainbow Six Siege puts together tactical combat and masterful destruction at the centre of the explosive action.

Is it a game, or a piece of art? Whatever it is, Three Fourths Home is now available on Xbox One in the UK - after originally being available only in the States. Is it worth the wait?

The Red Specter is a glamorous outfit with special fire effects. This costume can be easily purchased in Jadestone Village but for that, you need to farm the exquisite currency. Find out about what do you have to do to get the Red Specter.

"Jagex, the creators of the award-winning free-to-play MMO RuneScape, today announced the beginning of the Closed Beta testing window as the world of Gielinor prepares to welcome Chronicle: RuneScape Legends."

All the details on the official Closed Beta dates for Black Desert, the highly anticipated and gorgeous looking MMO game. Arguably one of the most anticipated Closed Beta's towards the end of the 2015 period

Raptor’s Rise is a small village located in a floating island near Yahara’s Mirage in The Scorching Sands. Getting there might seem confusing, since you need several steps before you can access this place. Learn how to do it in the easiest way.

Black Friday has come early to The online retailer has made the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection PS4 console bundle available starting today for just $299.99.

It might not seem possible but Xbox 360 is ten years old. Microsoft’s second home console ushered in the longest generation in gaming history with a series of unique features that have become standard in modern consoles.

Arriving on December 9th 2015, Baseball Riot fuses together a slapstick infused physics based puzzle with one of the biggest sports in the world. We’ll let you guess which sport that would be

The last lineup of Playstation Plus titles for 2015 have officially been announced. This month offers some relatively solid offerings on PS3 and Vita, but I feel it's lacking on PS4. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Fire up Just Dance 2016 and prepare to jump back onto that dance floor as Ubisoft have announced the latest wave of Just Dance Unlimited content on Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U.

It’s Christmaaaaas, and Xbox are celebrating with no less than five games being stripped of their price tags throughout the month of December 2015 for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners

When Grip Digital bring a game to the market, more often than not it’s a fairly decent affair. Today, they’ve dropped a ‘First-person bundle’ onto the Xbox Games Store and it brings about two of their best games.

It features more than 30 new moves, including the Corner Enzuigiri (made popular by WWE Diva Nikki Bella) and the Avalanche Ram (made popular by WWE Diva Paige).

Firewatch expected release date is February 9th 2016 and will be released on PlayStation 4, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Sounds like great news for those of you looking forward to Firewatch.

"Each week EA Sports creates a FIFA Ultimate Team Team of the Week (TOTW) based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. Take a look at the team that will be available for one week from 25th November at 6pm."

The era of the theme park MMO has often see the best hardcore titles disappear into the swim of garbage released on an nearly weekly basis but Nikita Online are hoping to bring back the golden era of the hardcore MMO with Sphere 3: Enchanted World

"In a recent interview with Polygon the Social Systems Developer at Riot Games, Jeffrey Lin, discussed the implementation of new mechanics that will further see the League of Legends community penalized for toxic and anti-social behavior."

Minecraft – ever heard of it? Well, the Xbox One version is now coming complete with a ton of bundled content packs, all for a pretty reasonable price too. Are you ready to dive into the Minecraft Xbox One Edition Holiday Pack?

Starting on Wed 25th Nov, 28 new playable tracks will arrive in the GHTV on-demand list. Alongside those, six new tracks will hit the Premium Shows section bringing the total track listing to 300 songs!