One of the most critical acclaimed PS2 games is getting a sequel. During Ubidays in Paris, they announced the game and also showed off a trailer for the game. You can view the trailer here.

Among other goodies, Ubidays in Paris has resulted in a long awaited revelation: the sequel to Beyond Good and Evil is real.

Ubisoft President Yves Guillemot has just announced Beyond Good and Evil 2, showing a trailer named “1. The Pig.” Gamersyde is the first sport new images and a trailer. The footage suggests a departure from the cartoon art style of the original, and though Gamersyde suppose the trailer is CG, it looks like in-game assets to me.

*Update*- Our suspicions have been confirmed. The trailer is rendered using the game’s engine
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  • -2
    Benedict May 28, 08
    It's a shame I do not have a PS3 or PS2. Hang on- are those pictures of pigs?
    • 0
      Sayyed May 28, 08
      Yeahl. I've never played the game, but I have heard a lot of good things about this game. Especialy the story.
  • 0
    Heretic May 28, 08
    Ditto with Linkin Park Fan. But it does look like it has good graphics.
  • 0
    Dio May 28, 08
    Wait, this is only on the PS3?
    • 0
      Red 9 May 28, 08
      Naw it's a multiplat. Seeing as the first was.
  • 0
    vaga_koleso May 28, 08
    Woooooooooooooot! This is one of my favorite titles of all time! I'll get a PS3 just for this if I have to, dammit
  • 0
    Bale Fire May 28, 08
    Another game to add to my buy list which is getting pretty long

    There are too many great games coming out!
  • 0
    Gamesta100 May 28, 08
    BOY did I get excited when I read this on another site.
  • 0
    Donnelly May 30, 08
    I wasn't too hot on the first one tbh.

    I almost certainly won't buy this.... maybe a rental.
    • 0
      Red 9 May 30, 08
      I've never even played the first, so I'll rent, too.

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