A programmer by the name of T4ils has released their own 2D remake of Valve's Portal, so anyone in the homebrew scene can play it on their DS. Titled Still Alive DS, it's minimalistic, sure, but it's Portal! As a bonus, a map editor is included, opening up the game quite a bit more. Check out the video:

Much like the PC game, players must rely on their wits (and a portal gun) to transport themselves around each stage, aiming shots with their stylus and grabbing pieces of cake along the way. It might not have the graphics of the original, but it definitely has the feel and charm.
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    Tainted Jun 1, 08
    Freaking awesome. I'm downloading this as soon as I can.
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      Benedict Jun 2, 08
      Its for the DS tainted |:
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        Zaraze Jun 2, 08
        Download to a flash card and play it on the DS. You have to download it to play it, go check the website. It's not a product been sold or anything, simply a homemade game you can download to a flashcard (Or something of teh same basis) to play on a DS.
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    Onvacation Jun 1, 08
    WOAH! GET GET! i'm so getting this too.

    Oh and is this the same as the flash version on Newgrounds?
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    StarJet Jun 1, 08
    Wonder whether someone can make one like this for the PSP. Though 2D graphics is just a turn-off in the gaming experience. Obviously, the DS can't run a full scale Portal-like game.
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    ZaikXory Jun 2, 08
    Wow, thats interesting. That guy has a lot of time on his hands.
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    Benedict Jun 2, 08
    This sounds intesting. Proberly gong to get it.

    Bloody *bleep* the youtube vid failed.

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