The creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, has received another honor: a Guiness record! Canadian site Game Focus learned that he was inducted into the Book of World Records Gamers Edition for two different reasons. Which ones you may ask?

"Keith Pullin, Editor of the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008 book, was on hand to present the certificates and said ‘I would like to welcome Mr. Kojima to our family of gaming record breakers and we hope he breaks many more!"
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    Zero and X Jun 4, 08
    MGS will always reign supreme, Splinter Cell tried to get in on the action but it paled in comparison to the father of stealth.
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    black doom Jun 4, 08
    That seems to be a rather 'matter of opinion' thing for a record. While I am certain few enough would have other opinions it still seems a little dodgy.
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      Shadow of Death Jun 4, 08
      Yeah, at least in the case of the first one ("the first video game to fully utilize stealth as part of the gameplay"), it is a matter of opinion....

      Second one is probably true though. I doubt many other PS2 stealth games sold nearly as well as MGS2....Some might have sold well, but perhaps pale in comparison to MGS2....
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        Miss Razz Jun 5, 08
        It seems to mean the first game to officially announce that it is in the "stealth" genre.

        The same goes for Resident Evil. Capcom coined the term "survival horror" for Resident Evil so RE is considered the first in the genre, despite there being many games before it with similar aspects of the genre (Alone in the Dark, in particular).

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