Poor Kojima can't make up his mind. First he said that MGS4 would be his last Metal Gear Solid game, then he hinted that a MGS4 sequel was in the works, then assistant producer Ryan Payton said there wouldn't be a direct sequel but another Metal Gear game eventually would be made, then Kojima restated that he is thinking about making MGS5.
Now he has confirmed that he will be staying on board for the next Metal Gear Solid game, but he won't be in charge of it. Yes, he said "Metal Gear SOLID. According to Kojima: "Metal Gear Solid will ALWAYS be around!".

Q: You've indicated that this will be your last "Metal Gear Solid" game. Are you looking forward to other projects or will you continue to be involved in the series?

A: "MGS will ALWAYS be around. I feel a responsibility to continue this series as long as users demand it. But it doesn't mean I'm going to sit in completely. I'll probably take a different role in the next game. Maybe I'll sit in as producer and let the young staff take control of the new series. I really want to go on to new things."
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    fitted Jun 6, 08
    this news makes me very, very happy indeed.

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