Last week we saw a video of Chaos Wars showing what is quite possibly the worst voice-acting to ever appear in a game. (Yes, it was even worse than the original Resident Evil and Fatal Frame games). But why does it suck so badly? Well if you take a look at the game's manual, then all will be clear.

The CEO of O3 Entertainment (the company that made Chaos Wars) is Chris Jelinek. The voice-actors in the game include Quest Jelinek, Tyler Jelinek, Kay Jelinek and Lee Jelinek! Yes, Chris Jelinek got his family members to dub the game, rather than paying professional voice-actors.

Shadow Hearts fans may have also noticed that Yuri, Karin and Nicolai make an appearance in the game ... or rather, "Uru", "Karen" and "Nicole", which is what Chaos Wars' shoddy translator named them!

There's a new video of the Chaos Wars dub, with even more horrifying English if you can believe it. Karen sounds like she just woke up (or didn't quite) and Uru sounds...well, he's got quite the lisp. Additionally, apparently Uru is Yuri from Shadow Hearts. He was called Uru in Japan, but Yuri in the U.S., and the naming is thus not consistent for the U.S. versions. Likewise Nicole is supposed to be Nicolai, also from Shadow Hearts. But one can't pay attention to every product released, I suppose.

Moving on, apparently the voice actors are listed in the manual. The CEO of O3 Entertainment is Chris Jelinek. Voice actors include Quest Jelinek and Tyler Jelinek, with special thanks to Kay Jelinek and Lee Jelinek. Most curious.
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  • 0
    JayCat Jun 10, 08
    Wow... just nepotism.. like... wow.. speechless.

    please someone come to Ottawa and peirce my eardrum with a pencil. Wait, this is in my brain now... going to get a drill.
  • 0
    Oogity_Boogity_Boo Jun 10, 08

    That's classic. Really, that made me laugh.
  • 0
    Zero and X Jun 10, 08
    At least the game lets you change it to japanese.
  • 0
    Jesus Jun 10, 08
    Was that actually a recording from the game? Or is it a parody? I am going to assume this is the bad voice acting from the article? Oh my god. How did the publishers allow it.
    • 0
      Miss Razz Jun 10, 08
      Sadly enough, it's not a parody. That's the actual game's voice-acting. (X_X)
  • 0
    J Bro Jun 10, 08
    You have got to be shitting me! That was *bleep*ing horrible!
  • 1
    Bale Fire Jun 11, 08
    Well that's what you get when you rely on family
  • 0
    Miss Razz Jun 11, 08
    The voice-acting is just ... awful. It's like, you know what emotion they are supposed to be showing, but they just didn't even attempt to get it right. >_>
    Heck, if I was voice-acting a guy who had just been paralyzed I wouldn't be sounding so bored and sarcastic about it. It's like the voice-actos didn't even try. (X_X)

    It's especially sad because I really like Yuri, Karin and Nicholai's characters and voices in Shadow Hearts. (ugh, they couldn't even translate their names properly in this game. How could you mistake Nicholai for Nicole? They're two totally different gendered names!)
  • -1
    kik36 Jun 11, 08
    LMFAO oh shit balls!!! LMFAO LMFAO OMFG that shit just made my day!!! LMFAO I can say with great honesty this bullshit game won't be on my list.....LMFAO
    • 0
      Zero and X Jun 11, 08
      Hey its a good game despite the bad voice acting, just switch to japanese.
  • 0
    Xenctuary Jun 11, 08
    "Wow, I really can't move my body."

  • 0
    kspiess Jun 11, 08
    Wow. It does pay to hire voice actors, that's for sure. Man that's sooooo bad.

    On a related matter, Quest is kind of a dumb name for some one,IMHO.
  • 0
    Silent Storm Jun 11, 08
    I wouldn't be surprised if there's a fatal "accident" involving the whole family after this...
  • 0
    mercenary_sora Jun 13, 08
    Gawd, how can you suck this much? Even if I don't try I can do a 100000 times better job.

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