Expanding on these rumblings of Capcom's upcoming secret projects, the company has said one of them will be 'a surprising take on a next-gen favourite.' Considering this recent interview with Street Fighter IV's producer, I'm betting on Lost Planet. How about you?

Late last month, we reported that Capcom were planning a Wii title similar to Lost Planet and Bionic Commando which would be announced over the coming weeks. Shortly after our story, Capcom announced the madcap Saturday morning TV style title Spyborgs, leading us to believe that Spyborgs was indeed the mysterious "or something like that" title. How wrong we were.

Issue #25 of NGamer Magazine features a very small preview of Spyborgs, with an enigmatic quote nestled within. "There's a bullet with our name on it if we speak of their ultra top secret Wii title (a surprising take on a next-gen favourite), so we'll stick to the safer, though still intruiging, Spyborgs."

A new take on a next-gen favourite? Bionic Commando and Lost Planet are definite possibilities then. Just to get you salivating like a rabid dog over the possibilities, we hear Devil May Cry 4, Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising have quite a fan following as well.
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  • 1
    Shadow net583x s Jun 14, 08
    I want it to be Dead Rising. It was my first game for my 360 and it's had a warm place in my heart ever since, a sequel would be divine.
  • 1
    Oogity_Boogity_Boo Jun 14, 08
    Dead Rising 2 plz. kthxbai.
  • -1
    Zeon I Jun 14, 08
    Stop with re-releasing Lost Planet and bring back Marvel Vs. Capcom and Capcom Vs. SNK, plix. Better yet, Make Marvel Vs. Capcom Vs. SNK and let Thousands of gamers have Insta-Fangasms.
  • 0
    Bale Fire Jun 14, 08
    I doubt its Lost Planet as its remake was released not too long ago, Dead Rising or Outfit are the best bets
  • 1
    BANDITO ATTACK Jun 14, 08
    i bought lost planet and played it twice. do people really like that shit?
  • 0
    Dragoshi1 Jun 14, 08
    Dead rising 2...or Lost Planet 2..If they imrpove on the controls and problems from LP1 then I'd like a #2
    • 1
      Seeker X Jun 14, 08
      Controls, gameplay, story...other than that, the game was nice.
  • 0
    Ground Jun 14, 08
    Megaman Please.

    • 0
      Shadow of Death Jun 14, 08
      Oh, now there is a thought. I'd like to see a GOOD, proper release of Megaman....

      I fear it best remain in 2D form though, dunno how well it would really play in 3D....
      • 0
        chautemoc Jun 15, 08
        Maybe an overhaul Sonic Unleashed-style would be best?
  • 0
    Jaw Knee Jun 14, 08
    Dead Rising on the Wii? More please.
    • 0
      Slumpy monkey Jun 15, 08
      The article says a new take on a next gen favourate.
  • 0
    Agrias Jun 15, 08
    Dead Rising? Sounds terrible *.*
  • 1
    PangTong_Blademaster Jun 15, 08
    Lost Planet is awesome, just picked it up for my PS3 and i say yes make another.

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