A few screenshots of FFXII: Revenant Wings - The sequel to the popular FFXII for PS2. From the looks of it...This game will be a Strategy-RPG?

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    Sakura Apr 15, 07
    Hmm...looks like a typical Final Fantasy game. I wonder why there are so many characters; it kind of reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics. @_@ Anyways, nice find.
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    tekmosis Apr 15, 07
    nooo, look at those poor chocobos getting beat on in the first screen. The screens look pretty good, though.
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    PitLine810 Apr 16, 07
    I've never been big on the Final Fantasy series, but I have a feeling that as long as they're making kick-ass FF games like this on the DS, I might have to become a fan.
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    Arietta Apr 17, 07
    This game looks awesome? Many characters? Maybe they are trying to make MMORPG (SP?).
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    GenesisEX Apr 17, 07
    Wow, this game looks brilliant. I wasn't a big fan of XII's battle system myself, so I wonder what this is like. It seems a bit on the Strategy side.

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