Racketboy has compiled a list of five different Metroid games that would be fine in 2D, just like the old days of Metroid being on the GBA.

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Some established franchises just feel more natural in 2D. Even though I love the Metroid Prime series, I still long for the polished 2D gameplay of the earlier installments. Just for fun, I wanted to think about five different projects or ideas that would suit Nintendo just fine in filling the 2D drought that we have experienced since the GBA Metroids. If you have more ideas, I’d love to hear them
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    Gamesta100 Jun 17, 08
    I would love if they made more 2D Metroids.I love the 2D Metroids but have never really wanted to play the 3D ones.I would SO buy 2D Metriod games for the DS.
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    Murray3 Jun 17, 08
    Metroid Dread sounds like half (two thirds, actually) the title, Dread Suit, Dread System, Dread Ship, at first I wouldn't beleive Dread was cancelled and when Nintendo said they weren't making a 2D metroid I thought it had been cancelled, now I have reason to beleive that Dread is a 3D game now.

    Dread's plot however would probably go something like this:
    Samus, now with a bounty on herself (in the openning narration called irony) due to her actions in the end of Fusion, is forced to flee from attacking federation ships, she escapes but is attacked by space pirates, her ship low on power she is forced to surrender, captured by the space pirates her suit is copied but this copies the X parasites that she had absorbed, giving re-birth to SA-X and the X-parasites.
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    BANDITO ATTACK Jun 17, 08
    "Racketboy has compiled a list of five different Metroid games that would be fine in 2D, just like the old days of Metroid being on the GBA."

    since when is the gba the old days of metroid?


    yes metroid blows in 3d.
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      Rinkydink Jun 17, 08
      LOL? The Metroid Prime trilogy is a fantastic set of games, and most certainly doesn't blow in any way.

      Since we won't be seeing a 3D Metroid in quite a while, it is time for a 2D one, so I'm hoping for a new one on the DS sometime soon.
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    bbb7002004 Jun 17, 08
    Metroid rocks in 3D. It just rocks harder in 2D.

    I would love to see a new 2D Metroid appear in any form, be it a Wii or DS game.
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    Dio Jun 17, 08
    WiiWare maybe?

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      bbb7002004 Jun 17, 08
      The thought had occurred to me as well.
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    Zero and X Jun 17, 08
    2d Metroid >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3d metroid

    Prime isnt bad, but Metroid was made to be in 2d, nuff said.

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