This would so go with that home / fan made Halo suit someone made. View source url to see an image.

A while back we told you about one bad mother of a fan made Halo assault rifle replica. Today, we're telling you that you can bring her home for only a few hundred dollars. Over on eBay that same assault rifle is up for auction and is currently sitting at $227 with roughly eight days left and the reserve still not met. From what we remember, a whole lot of work went into creating this bad boy, so maybe hundreds of dollars is justifiable. Actually, if you already decided to purchase the Halo 3 Legendary Edition what's another $500 to fully experience Halo 3? Really ...?
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    Gary Apr 15, 07
    That is pretty cool actually, the ammo coutner is a great touch on top off everything else aswell, it will be interesting to see how much it goes for in the end.
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    madtown Apr 15, 07
    Wicked, very well built. So far the current bid is 400$
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    tekmosis Apr 16, 07
    The ebay auction actually states "gun does not shot and can not be mod to do so for custome/display only" although, I'm sure it wouldn't be impossible to mod it to shoot something. How cool would you be on the paintball field with that thing?
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    RhasiirTheArcher Apr 16, 07
    Yea, lol, that would be cool as hell. Unfortunatly, its a 32 round clip... then again, its 600 max on the game... can anyone loan me 500 bucks? I feel like buying a certain gun of a cerain homemade make
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    Synergized Apr 16, 07
    Looks pretty wicked. Turn it into a laser gun or something, get a Halo suit, get duplicates and you have a wicked real live game of halo.

    "Gun does not shoot and can not be moded to do so for custome/display only."

    That sucks.
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    Guugley Apr 16, 07
    That actually looks very cool. I should imagine the bidding will go quite a lot higher than $400.

    quote tekmosis
    How cool would you be on the paintball field with that thing?
    Yeah, that would be awesome. Haha.

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