Mad World is shaping up to be a gory shooting game. The question is, will it actually be any good? Crispy Gamer gives you five things you need to know about Mad World, it might even help you decide if you want to buy it later on when it releases.

(List is in the source)

The 10-Cent Tour: The Wii gets yet another over-the-top, pointlessly gory title. Is it worth getting your -- um -- blood up for? Scott Jones gets his hands dirty. (The things I do for you people. Sheesh.)
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  • 0
    BANDITO ATTACK Jun 20, 08
    what the hell is mad world?
  • 0
    Agrias Jun 20, 08
    Yeah...what is it? The article is so short....:/

    The images look as if they are from a comic book..LOL
  • 2
    bbb7002004 Jun 20, 08
    Crap article, TBH. Everything they talked about I already knew from watching the trailer and reading a few eyes-on previews. I want to know about controls, not things I already know.

    And everyone should visit the MadWorld Forum. Its very lonely.
    • 0
      Agrias Jun 20, 08 I know what this is...Thank you.
  • 0
    Zeon I Jun 20, 08
    The only thing I need to know about this Game is when do I get my Chainsaw and can it be modded into a Chainsaw shooting Gun?
  • -3
    Zeek Jun 20, 08
    Seems like a bad game because of the colors and stuff. I don't think it looks buyable.
    • 3
      Raziel_326 Jun 20, 08
      This is an example of somebody with little to no imagination. That's the point of the game, to make it look like a living comic book or graphic novel.

      And on a completely different side note, why the *bleep* do you blink after every post you make, is something wrong with your eye or something?

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