What if we could see Metal Gear Solid and Snake from the enemy's point of view? TheDuoGroup have created a video showing that possibility . . .

A Frozen Battlefield Harbors a Secret History!
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    Bale Fire Jul 9, 08
    Nice only I think they mean Big Boss not the The Boss
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    PangTong_Blademaster Jul 9, 08
    Yeh of course they did but i spose boss is short for BB. I would love to see a game depicting Big Boss's later years.
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      Gutter_Tech Jul 9, 08
      isnt that what metal gear portable ops is? i dunno having not played it but i think i heard that.
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    Drogo Baggins Jul 9, 08
    Wow, that was awesome.

    It was kind of predictable, towards the end, but it still gave me goosebumps.

    I can't wait for the sequel, if there is one. I'm sure there will be considering the strong hint to one, though.
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    Storm Jul 9, 08
    That was well done! Liked the little 'twist' at the end, heh, and the codec brings out Snake's bait plan, to help scope out the area.
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    Shadow of Death Jul 9, 08
    Not bad, of course.

    Too bad it wasn't subbed (wouldn't have missed as many words)....
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    Seproth Jul 9, 08
    MGS from enemies point of view eh? Well for most enemies, and with a skilled player. It'd consist of seeing maybe a cardboard box...and then dying...or perhaps waking up a few hours later with a tranq in your neck.

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