Peter Skerritt, Managing Editor, and Jason Large, Staff Writer, from GamePlasma argue for and against the latest feature added to the Playstation 3. Whether you are for or against the trophy system, these guys have it covered.

By now, anyone who cares knows that Firmware 2.40 was released about a week ago and that the 2.41 fix is on the way for those who had problems with 2.40. The highly anticipated update featured a slew of new features, including the very coveted trophies. Sadly, once again Sony has managed to fumble the ball with their complete lack of support for trophies.
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    Cruxis Mana Jul 10, 08
    Another article on Trophies ... ?
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    Red 9 Jul 10, 08
    Please excuse my bad language...

    What the *bleep* is wrong with you people and Trophies? Maybe it's that your Achievement system feels inadequate next to Trophies. Or maybe it's because you're afraid someone else is getting the better deal. Or maybe it's because article authors like this are so pissy with console competition that they need to make five articles per-day comparing the two to make themselves feel good. I don't know, but this is F'ing ridiculous.

    You people need lives.
    Any further articles concerning this kind of comparison, in my opinion, need to be rejected.
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    anatomyofme Jul 10, 08
    Couldnt said it better red 9. Leave our trophies alone.. there just mad cause achievements was the only thing 360 fanboys had over ps3.. now they see our (better) trophies system and they have 2 be haters.. ps3 = trophies and FREE online service!!! get over it haters!!!
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      Red 9 Jul 10, 08
      I wouldn't say that exactly. But I'm glad I got the point across that there's nothing wrong with Trophies.
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      Dance Floor Killah Jul 10, 08
      @ anatomyofme: And you just totally made yourself out to sound like a fanboy. =/
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      CRUNK JUICE Jul 11, 08
      To finish first, first you need to can Sony's Trophies be better than the achievements? How many games that are out now on store shelves support Trophies? One, what maybe two?
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        Red 9 Jul 11, 08
        They just came out. It needs a week or so to fully settle in.
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    Chris717 Jul 11, 08
    Because it's only just come out!!! *bleep*
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    Fishlock Jul 11, 08
    NO MORE TROPHY NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you.
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    Drogo Baggins Jul 11, 08
    1. What the *bleep*'s a pount?
    2. Trophies just came out, give them a *bleep*ing break.
    3. Please no more *bleep*ing trophy/achievement news...for the love of god....
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    Final Blade Jul 12, 08
    Funny how most of you guys are sounding like Sony fanboys when someone complains about a feature, regardless of it coming out, it has flaws.

    They're entitled to their opinion about Trophies
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      Drogo Baggins Jul 12, 08
      Opinion = News?

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        RabidChinaGirl Jul 13, 08
        There's a trend of people posting opinion-articles (I wouldn't even call them editorials at this point) on GG, hoping to get a few hits. I can't even be bothered to read most of them anymore.
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      Red 9 Jul 12, 08
      FB...that's just stupid. We are NOT acting like fanboys, we are simply sick of people trying to downplay a week-old feature that really has nothing wrong with it.
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        Final Blade Jul 12, 08
        It has flaws Red you yourself has stated this in the PS3 general forums yes?
        The trophies aren't retroactive and barely any support of them atm. Especially downloading multiple patches is a pain in the rear.

        How is opinion not news?
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          Red 9 Jul 13, 08
          It has no flaws in the way it functions. Trophies will catch on, I'm sure of it.
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          Drogo Baggins Jul 13, 08
          I see your point, Final Blade. I can see how opinions can be news, I was just being a smartass.

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          Seeker X Jul 13, 08
          How is opinion not news?
          FB...tell me you didn't just ask that.

          Ladies...Gentlemen...Gamerscore, Gamerlevel...who gives a silly *bleep*? Stick with whatever the hell fits your godamned fancies. Honestly these are the people that post shit like this to feel smart and to drive YOUR opinion of each...and it's even worse when people who don't know both wanna have a say in this.

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