I've seen several guitar hero bots in my time, but this is a first.

This Bot actually reads the notes on the screen and then plays their respective fret button and strums.


We've seen a lot of Guitar Hero bots in our time, but we're pretty certain that Mechanized Rock's take on shredding automatons is something special. The system -- dubbed DeepNote -- actually watches the on-screen action with "eyes" that it uses to analyze notes, which the bot then plays in real-time. Using photodiodes aimed at the screen, the components pick up changes in light within eight nanoseconds, then convert that information to brazen, parent-shocking, full-throttle rock n' roll. As you well know, pictures say a thousand words (and video is prone to run-on sentences), so watch DeepNote in action in the clip after the break.
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  • 0
    Big Willie Jul 15, 08
    And yet it still can't get 100%.
  • 0
    Deathsythe Jul 15, 08
    The only bot to 100% it was the one that actually read the note chart from the disc. (which was impressive in on itself)

  • 0
    Aussie Legend Jul 15, 08
    As much as that is awesome and all, in begs the question...

    • 0
      Deathsythe Jul 15, 08
      Why not?

      People like me do stupid shit like this all the time, just because we can.

      I installed Linux on an Xbox for cryin' out loud.

      Why? - because we can.
  • 0
    Bunnyburn Jul 15, 08
    That's sort of cool. It seemed to randomly strum at times though. I bet it's because of the background.
  • 0
    cheatcodeman11 Jul 15, 08
    I wish i had that so I could always beat my friend online.
    • 0
      Deathsythe Jul 16, 08
      People don't make bots like this to cheat - its more for exploring the nature of the software/hardware - and because they can. It is also a hobby, and sort of a challenge.
  • 0
    Zeta Jul 16, 08
    I would want to get into something like this ^^ Seems very cool
  • 0
    Marshal Loss Jul 17, 08
    Ha ha, seems kind of interesting.
  • 0
    JRYDER101 Jul 17, 08
    good work i suppose but iderather get past the son myself rather than using a bot lol

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