The testosterone-poisoned hero is to appear on handheld systems, according to a new E3 "trailer".

Really, it looks like some kid just discovered Microsoft Movie Maker.


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    Jaw Knee Jul 16, 08
    Forever had the best trailer out of the series. The one from 1997 or something, I mean.

    But my GOD. It was awesome at first, I'll admit, but this sucks an incredible amount of asshole.
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    Razentsu Jul 16, 08
    That trailer was terrible...
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    Miss Razz Jul 16, 08
    I was expecting the trailer to get better after the starting "intro" .... but it didn't :/

    I can't help but think the trailer was a joke. The crotch-zoom seemed to make it "jokey" ... but then agan, this IS Duke
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    Gamesta100 Jul 16, 08
    Well at least the DN theme is kick ass.
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    Shadow of Death Jul 16, 08
    Seems like the trailer to a show from the 60's or something, done by someone tripping on some sort of drug >_>

    Doesn't even seem to feature any in-game footage, which is dumb >_>

    They even repeated a lot of the animation >_<

    So dumb I had to skip some of it >_>

    Somebody is getting fired....
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    Seeker X Jul 16, 08

    Why is Duke Nukem still alive?
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    Kazooieman Jul 17, 08
    I remember playing the original Duke Nukem on my school computers after school way back when... I hope the God-Mode cheat is still "GOD"! =D
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    Marshal Loss Jul 17, 08
    That is the worst trailer ever. 10/10 for failure on the makers part
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    kik36 Jul 17, 08
    Anyone else get the feeling there's no game footage available yet? LMFOA

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