Some of you may remember a month ago, when an article in the magazine Nintendo Power sprang up, with many people speculating that the same would be Kingdom Hearts 3 for the Wii.

Well, the magazine was just released and I can tell you know, its not Kingdom Hearts 3.

Will Sonic, with swords, do instead ? Sonic and the Black Knight.

Remember that sword silhouette from last months Nintendo Power? The new cover of this month's issue has Sonic holding a sword in a new Wii game. Will post more when more is revealed in the actual issue.
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    Akira_EX Jul 19, 08
    Beat me to it.

    And uh, the requisite

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    Cruxis Mana Jul 19, 08
    This got approved fast. Too fast. ( Thus it has a load of spelling errors in it ... I'm a failure ).

    But, do we really need another Sonic game ?
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    Sakuraba Neku Jul 19, 08
    ffs, another Sonic game? Thats three in a year if it gets an 08 release.

    I'll end up with all of them .
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    therealNgamer Jul 19, 08
    Normally I'm optimistic with announcements like this, but this time, all I can say is, "Why, Sega?" I thought that with Unleashed you were trying to take Sonic back to his roots, albeit with the inevitably dull werewolf sections, but what the *bleep* is this!? I would have preferred anything over the announcement of a Sonic sword-fighting adventure game-like a new JRPG like the way they made it sound in the teaser. Sonic didn't work with guns and he won't work with swords.
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    iLLmatic Jul 19, 08
    hahaha They had to know that the ad had Kingdom Hearts implications all over it. Why the hell would they make a Sonic game with swords? I guess I shouldn't be surprised with all the little blue whoring that's been going on.
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      Final Blade Jul 19, 08
      Lol no, thats just people trying to pick up random words thinking its a KH3 game. The whole article was BS, I even stated with great detail why. Its was more than likely hinting to Mother 3, but this is just way better. Sonic with swords? Awesome, sonic knight coming at the speed of light.

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        canderson Jul 19, 08
        Best post ever. XD
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        BANDITO ATTACK Jul 20, 08
        there already is a mother 3.

        if only japan would *bleep*ing share it.
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    Zeta Jul 19, 08
    OMG WTF? Sonic and a sword is a big no
  • 0
    Zeon I Jul 19, 08
    Sonic is now the legendary Zombie Night. he's been dead ever since 2003, yet he's come back to fight evil (Robotnik and his new Master) with a big ass sword.

    How can he lift that big ass sword up with his scrawny ass?
  • 1
    Kanon_fan Jul 19, 08
    This is the guy I started video gaming with?

    *Bleep* You Sonic, you used to be cool....
  • -1
    Bale Fire Jul 19, 08
    I've heard rumors this is fake
  • 0
    Demonfurby Jul 19, 08
    Whatever credibility the SonicTeam had remaining is now down the drain
  • 0
    Storm Jul 19, 08
    This is terrible...good luck with promoting this Sonic game. A speedy character like himself doesn't need a friggin' sword. -_-
  • 0
    Aussie Legend Jul 19, 08
    Kingdom Hearts on Wii is more likely than that

    Don't you think they've stuffed up enough Sonic Games lately
  • 0
    Soul79 Jul 19, 08
    When will they learn that giving speedy hedgehogs weapons make terrible games. It didn't work with Shadow and it won't work with Sonic.
  • 0
    canderson Jul 19, 08
    I was not expecting this.

    I love the reaction from other fans.
  • 0
    DarkSpyro_Dragon Jul 19, 08
    The hedgehog who introduced me to video games has finally lost it. He has nice pointy spikes on his back, why does he need a sword? This is more insane than Sega's werehog idea -_-
    • 0
      Remino52 Jul 20, 08
      I freaked when I saw this too.
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    Miss Razz Jul 19, 08
    Kingdom Hearts 3. Mother 3. Legend of Zelda.
    Those 3 were the top most likely (judging by the "hint" in the magazine) and I'm sure most Wii owners would have been happy if any of those appeared on the Wii.

    But it ended up being *bleep*ing Sonic with swords? What a downer >_>
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    DragoniteBallZ Jul 19, 08
    I knew it wasnt Kingdom Hearts when I saw it as a sword, not a keyblade.
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    black doom Jul 20, 08
    Wait, so a lot of heart thing was a reference to the Chaos Emeralds power source, in a weird way I almost copped that looking at the article.

    Just for seeming ridiculous from every logical perspective I can't wait to try it.
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    Capn Droid Jul 20, 08
    quote Capn Droid

      Oh, I just thought of an amazing idea to keep Sonic going. Okay, hear me out, because it might sound a little odd and silly at first: what about going back to the original formula with side scrolling?

      Nah, that's a horrible idea. Let's introduce Excalibur!

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    Zero and X Jul 20, 08
    Omg, I was not expecting this. Who knows it might be decent, or it would most likely suck donkey balls, or hedgehog balls in this case.
  • 0
    Shadow net583x s Jul 20, 08
    Three choice words come to mind: Dubya Tee Eff

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