Konami has revealed a finger-themed version of Metal Gear Solid 4, which is actually an ad for Metal Gear AC!D Mobile. Kotaku was very impressed when they saw the video, saying that it has "Amazing production values!".

I was also very impressed, check it out here:

We were, at first, blown away by this digit-ized spin on Metal Gear Solid 4. "Amazing production values!" we thought. "His nails are even filthier than those of SCEE boss David Reeves!" we noticed. What turns out to be an ad for Metal Gear AC!D Mobile is also the best sight gag we've seen in a long time, proving that thumb wars have changed.
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    Ivy93 Aug 12, 08
    Amazing Really how much detail and thought must have gone into making that
  • 0
    Goldva_X Aug 12, 08
    Lol, so funny. It was probably a hard job to do such a thing.
  • 0
    ADIDAZ Aug 12, 08
    ive had this game on my phone for 2 months now why is just getting advidised.
    great video though
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    Seeker X Aug 12, 08
    Wow they played the entire Old Snake song down to the T.
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    Big A2 Aug 13, 08
    Reminds me of Steve Oedekerk's "thumbmation" movies.
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    Bale Fire Aug 13, 08
    Lol at him hiding on the statue
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    Starsky134 Aug 24, 08
    Very creative! Must have taken lots of time.

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