The NPD Group has released their hardware and software numbers for the month of July, representing sales for the United States for the four week period of July 6th to August 2nd

This month, there were three notables:

  • 360's price drop has no effect
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bump is gone; game has fell out of top ten
  • Five new releases in the top five, in the form of three separate games

Hardware numbers:
NDS: 608k (152k per week)
WII: 555k (138.75k per week)
PS3: 225k (56.25k per week)
PSP: 222k (55.5k per week)
360: 205k (51.25 per week)
PS2: 155k (38.75 per week)

2008 Year-to-Date in US:
WII - 4,037,000
NDS - 3,795,000
PS3 - 1,833,000
PSP - 1,704,000
360 - 1,559,000

2008 Lifetime-to-Date in US:
NDS: 21,385,000
PSP: 12,216,000
WII: 11,407,000
360: 10,670,000
PS3: 5,081,000

The top ten software went as follows:
01. [360] NCAA Football 09 (Electronic Arts) - 07/2008 - 397.6k
02. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) - 05/2008 - 369.6k
03. [NDS] Guitar Hero: On Tour - 06/2008 - 309.7k
04. [WII] Wii Play (Nintendo) - 02/2007 - 284k
05. [PS3] NCAA Football 09 (Electronic Arts) - 07/2008 - 242.5k
06. [360] Soul Calibur IV (Namco Bandai) - 07/2008 - 218.9k
07. [WII] Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) - 04/2008 - 174.5k
08. [WII] Rock Band Special Edition (MTV Games/Electronic Arts) - 06/2008 - 165.8k
09. [PS3] Soul Calibur IV (Namco Bandai) - 07/2008 - 155.8k
10. [360] Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution (Take Two) - 07/2008 - 147.6k

Some software LTDs:
[WII] Wii Fit: 1.43m
[WII] Mario Kart Wii: 2.40m
[WII] Wii Play: 6.40m
[NDS] Guitar Hero: On Tour: 732k

Things to point out:
  • 360 Price Drop has done next-to-nothing for the console; although it has increased in average weekly sales over June, it has sold the least out of the three current generation consoles.
  • Metal Gear Solid 4, after having a strong debut last month, has fallen off the top ten in the charts, completely eradicating the spike it had
  • Wii has surpassed 4 million units sold lifetime-to-date in the US
  • Soul Calibur IV has so-so debut, with 374.7k copies sold across both versions
  • NCAA Football 09 has good debut, counting only 360 and PS3 versions, with 640.1k copies sold across those two versions.
  • Wii Fit, Wii Play, and Mario Kart Wii continue to show impressive legs

Things to look for next month:
  • The biggest release for August is EA's Madden NFL 09, which is wholly expected to sell gangbusters.

[June 2008 NPD]

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  • 1
    DragoniteBallZ Aug 14, 08
    That was more of a clearance sale for the 20 gig than a price cut.
    • 0
      Slumpy monkey Aug 14, 08
      Plus, what with the announcement of a 60gig for the same price.

      Although hardware sales are down, Software sales are up.
  • 2
    iLLmatic Aug 14, 08
    Aren't you people done buying Wiis yet
    • 0
      Storm Aug 14, 08
      That's what I'm wondering. It's amazing how fast they are going...are people like...buying two for their home? WiiFits can't be found anywhere in New York or New Jersey, though.

      Didn't expect the 360 price cut to increase sales dramatically. It only recently happened, anyways.
      • 2
        iLLmatic Aug 15, 08
        Yea that's what I'm sayin. I understand it's popular, but to be selling half a million in the middle of the summer, almost 2 years after it came out, with no damn games out is bananas. I didn't know you lived in this area.
        • 0
          Akira_EX Aug 15, 08
          with no damn games out is bananas
        • 1
          Final Blade Aug 16, 08
          Yes seriously Akira, if you look at the line up tell us how many MUST BUY titles the Wii has.

          Now don't get confused with good games, I mean games So big it has to be bought to play it. I can probably think of 7 overall in the System library where as the PS3 and 360 combined has at least triple that in the library and still is growing.

          The Wii seems to be getting bought mostly for Wii sports, fit, and soon music. Then after playing this for 2 weeks it gets put into the closet to collect dust.

        • 1
          Akira_EX Aug 16, 08
          There are hardly any must-buys on the PS3/360 either.

          The only must-buy on PS3 is MGS4. The only must-buy on 360 is Crackdown. The only must-buy on Wii is Super Mario Galaxy.

          There aren't a whole lot of 'must-buys' this gen.

          Stop confusing it with good games.
        • 1
          Fatal Error Aug 16, 08
          The PS3 and 360 have more "good games" than the Wii too. That is, unless you like to roll with games that are only fun when there's multiple people involved.
        • 1
          Akira_EX Aug 16, 08
          That's not the point.

          There are "good games" on the Wii. It is irrelevant which system has more "good games" unless you want to go in fanboy e-peen arguments. The "good games" are there.

          But if you want to discredit the games that are only fun when there's multiple people involved, be my guest. It makes gaming a pretty barren landscape.
  • 2
    iLLmatic Aug 15, 08
    Yea seriously. Whats the problem?

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