Levinator25 on YouTube found an interesting glitch with EA's golf title, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008. The glitch would allow gamers to walk on water to perform a "Jesus shot" without having a water hazard penalization.

In a very brilliant response from EA they've come up with a video depicting Tiger Woods himself actually making the "Jesus shot". Way to go EA, I'm amused.

Original video showing the glitch:

EA's Response:

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  • 1
    Duality_18 Aug 21, 08
    EA is now just accepting the fact that their games are not polished enough and now putting effort into making it seem like they polish the game up nicely.
    • 7
      tekmosis Aug 21, 08
      Are you ignorantly making that statement or are you joking? If the former, have you had experience making a game, or, do you at least realize how complex it is? No matter what game you play there will obviously be bugs. Hence patches. I've never seen any company state that their game is absolutely bug free.

      I think EA / Tiger Woods is expressing a great sense of humor with this situation.
      • 5
        chautemoc Aug 21, 08
        Agreed! No game is perfect..I wouldn't want it that way, anyway. Developers are human, too.
        I think its great they're making light of it.
      • 0
        Final Blade Aug 23, 08
        I have to agree, if there wasn't any flaws or bugs there won't be any development or advancement in games or anything in the world. In fact you could say having those bugs are the best thing, the devs will see the mistake and know not to make in the future. And fix it with a patch.
  • 1
    Oogity_Boogity_Boo Aug 21, 08
    xD Brilliant.

    Nice way to cover up a glitch that shouldn't have been there in the first place, though.
  • 2
    kik36 Aug 21, 08
    OMFG that was FANTASTIC!!!! What a great way to respond!! I bet that guy who posted that on youtube is totally shitting himself! LMFAO Kudos to EA, and Tiger Woods for their sense of humor. And of course for knowing a marketing opportunity when they see one! ^.^
  • 3
    Sayyed Aug 21, 08
    Haha that was great. Very clever too, with a good sense of humor.
  • 1
    Mario_1 Aug 21, 08
    That was... Definitely weird. Who does Woods think he is, Jesus Christ?

    But wow. Tiger Woods replying to a YouTube user in such a over-the-top way... It's gotta be some kinda record.
    • 3
      Akira_EX Aug 21, 08
      quote Mario_1
      But wow. Tiger Woods EA replying to a YouTube user in such a over-the-top way... It's gotta be some kinda record.
      • 0
        Mario_1 Aug 26, 08
        Yeah, but Tiger did all the acting.
        Er... That WAS the real TW, right?
  • 1
    bbb7002004 Aug 21, 08
    You have got to give EA some credit for that one though. Now, if they would just make a game I was actually interested in, I might actually buy something from them.
  • 1
    KernelKush Aug 21, 08
    Every game's got it's bugs, this one in no way an exception. However, I do think that EA's video response to the glitch was quite humorous.
  • 1
    tidus04 Aug 21, 08
    haha, He's just that good XD
  • 1
    whinkle Aug 21, 08
    That was awesome, and very creative. That would make a great marketing tool
    • 1
      chautemoc Aug 21, 08
      It already is one .
    • 1
      Akira_EX Aug 21, 08
      It's a Tiger Woods 09 commercial, buddy.
  • 1
    HisServant77 Aug 22, 08
    Now THAT is a response . . . I love that one

    "He's just that good"
  • 0
    Spurs_Rule_And_Rock Aug 22, 08
    HA! Very funny I wonder if Tiger Woods is related to Jesus in any way.
  • 4
    Sonic Flash Aug 22, 08
    Making fun of your own questionable mechanics and paying celebrities to play along is a VASTLY superior solution as opposed to fixing it. You'll remember that shit for years! Kudos to EA!

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