Last week in Japan Xbox 360 sales went up, with the release of the game Tales of Vesperia and 24,962 console sales, but this week the 360 has suffered at a mere 7,358 sales. Because of the drop in 360 sales this week, the PS3 beat the 360 at 11,393 sales from 9,673 sales. However the Wii is doing better then the two of them combined; it is at 53,036 sales this week from 38,506 last week. The DS has 78,666 sales this week, and the PSP has 64,413.

After a bumper week of Xbox 360 sales in Japan, brought on by the release of Tales of Vesperia, the Microsoft console has fallen back to reality with only 7,358 units sold for the week ending August 17. The previous week the Xbox 360 shifted 24,962 units and outsold the PS3.
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  • 0
    Supernouva Aug 24, 08
    I fail to see how console sales in Japan is such a significant piece of information.
    • 5
      iLLmatic Aug 24, 08
      Yes, someone always fails to see how sales numbers, or any piece of news posted, is relevant, but somebody cares, so just live with it.
      • 2
        black doom Aug 24, 08
        Very well said iLLmatic, I applaud you. Personally I don't think they find them that interesting mid generation but before they were interesting to me, later they will be interesting to me again, so I can easily see why some people would find the current figures interesting.
        • 1
          Koloth Aug 24, 08
          The week to week sales aren't all that intriguing. But the month to month and year to year sales can be interesting.
  • 2
    Remino52 Aug 25, 08
    I find it interesting how EVERYONE I know says the 360 is the best system even though Nintendo is raping the sales.

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