Inside of the PS3 is 256mb of GDDR3 RAM, including 256mb of XDR performing at the speed of 3.2 GHz. In this video, Rambus, the makers of the RAM, and Sony explain what makes the PS3's RAM so much better than around-the-house PC's.

Hopefully, some of you guys are interested in this stuff (like me). Video is in the source.

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    redneonfish Aug 26, 08
    I've got a PS3, don't understand what's inside it But I thought the Xbox 360 had better/more RAM. 512 isn't it? Somebody explain please?
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      Guugley Aug 26, 08
      The Xbox could use DDR2, which isn't as good as DDR3. I think DDR3 hasn't been all fully released and properly for sale yet, it's kind of in it's early stages. I could be wrong though.
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        Koloth Aug 26, 08
        No, the 360 uses DDR3 at 700mhz. The difference in architecture is that the 360 shares the 512MB is has between the CPU and GPU. Meaning that depending on the situation it could allocate more or less to either one.

        The PS3 on the other hand has 256 for the CPU and 256 for the GPU. However the XDR RAM going to the CPU is the fastest RAM available to date. The people complaining about the RAM are only looking at the size of the RAM and not the speed.
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    Gutter_Tech Aug 26, 08
    you're right i found that out when i tried upgrading my ram in my ps3. i CAN do it, but i dont know what i would do with the other 9,999 sticks of ram that id have leftover after ordering it. (the public can only get it in batches of 10,000)
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      iLLmatic Aug 26, 08
      why would you bother IF it were possible? No game will ever take advantage of it
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        Big A2 Aug 26, 08
        Unless they make something crazy like a Metal Gear Solid compilation.
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    Goldva_X Aug 26, 08
    I hope all the fanboys see this and finally understand that PS3's RAM isn't weak.
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    Armed Rebel Aug 26, 08
    I think this is kind-of a loaded question.

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