Dr Phil, that self made psychiatrist which I personally cannot watch with slapping my head. Is apparently preparing a second segment on videogames. The focus being on their addiction and how they are designed to enslave gamers. In the upcoming show he even accuses Wendy Kays (wife to Graham Kays who is the lead designer for SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals) one of his guests on the show, of being biased. Despite her a book on the subject called "Game Widow" which hardly sounds supportive of videogames.

A little over a year ago, we commented on Dr.Phil taping one of his shows which was focused on violent video games. Now, while I have to acknowledge his originality, (because let’s face it, no one has ever gone out of their way to blame video games on violence before), the thoughtless attacks are unnecessary. Obviously that isn’t stopping him from going after ratings, because he has a new show, set to air in October, concerning video games being addictive (another, completely original though). Not only that, but Dr.Phil is making it a point of arguing that video games are intentionally, and thoughtfully designed to be addictive. How do we Know this? Simple, one of his guests said so in her blog.
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    Play ISDF Sep 20, 08
    I'll show him some violence by punching him in the face, but it sure as hell won't be cause I play video games.

    I hate Dr.Phil, firstly he's making people's problems known to everyone who have no business in them in the first place. Then he himself is being biased in a lot of the problems taking sides (I can't stand to watch his show but I've seen bits and pieces of it, he does it all the fracking time).

    Secondly, he seems to miss certain people's points of view in his quest to "help" people, again showing the biased ways he has, said people tend to be important to the "problem". This shows it well, just listening to a blog and not even giving the gaming community a voice.

    Third and finally...obviously he's a *bleep*ing idiot! This shows it quite well as do a lot of other TV shows and such that aren't for video games, they don't have a bloody clue! Granted, for SOME people, games are addicting and they do need help, but him, like so many others just decide to chuck "gamers" as a whole into that group. What, is the queen an addict and is prone to violence too? Somehow that doesn't sound like the queen to me.

    We as a community really have got to do something to get ourselves a voice, speaking through a megaphone so we can start doing our own attacking against this kinda thing, start spreading the real truth about how not all gamers are violent psycho addicts on TV or something, not just the internet. Enough really is enough, seriously.

    Ok, so that was a long rant, but I feel better now .
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      Sayyed Sep 20, 08
      What are we gonna do? Million video game man march?

      I think im gonna tune in to this episode. You know what, screw it, i'll just watch in youtube. I don't want to give him ratings.
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        Play ISDF Sep 20, 08
        I don't know, something. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a pro-gaming TV show (that isn't on a gaming channel) or a pro-games article in the newspaper or something. Last time you saw a discussion on TV on some popular talk show that isn't just people with no clue talking about games and how evil they are? The simple fact is, those without a clue are very much so on TV and the radio and whatever else spreading their bullshit about video games without having even seen one, let alone played one while we are screaming out on the internet that it's all a load of crap with the masses who just watch TV or w/e not hearing us. I know it's next to impossible realistically but we really need to do SOMETHING to correct all the bullshit that's been mounting about video games for a long time. It's been for quite a while and will continue to be the media's wagon to jump on till such time when the masses are either wiser to it or video games are finally a big enough medium, but video games still have a ways to go for that.
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    Twisted Sep 20, 08
    Its really funny watching doctor Phil how he insults the people, it just makes me laugh. That show is really messed up.

    I should watch this one...
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    Final Blade Sep 20, 08
    What did you expect from Phil? He's from the same tree as Jack Thompson.
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    RabidChinaGirl Sep 20, 08
    Why would we care what he thinks, honestly? Have any of you ever seen his show? It's garbage, for the brainless men and women with the most painfully obvious problems looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Seriously, I think most of his guests/patients can be easily treated with a slap to the face.
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    Capn Droid Sep 21, 08
    The problem with this is, if some gamer assaults him, video games will be blamed for the matter; if we back up our own case, then we're "biased". They technically have the upper hand in this situation.
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    GTA_Fanatic Sep 21, 08
    Average video gamer while watching this show:
    "Maybe Dr. Phil is right..."
    *slaps self for being an idiot*

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