Electronic Theatre delivers the verdict on Electronic Arts' recently released European version of EA SPORTS Facebreaker - the headlining title in EA's new EA Freestyle range.

Launching as the first title under EA SPORTS’ new label aimed at the Casual Gamer, EA Freestyle, Facebreaker has recently seen release on UK shores. Having grabbed many headlines since its first unveiling, many may have allowed the art direction to sway their judgement, and may well be expecting a Ready 2 Rumble Boxing style game. The commercial audience could easily be forgiven for doing so; however, Facebreaker isn’t quite the instant-appeal Arcade-style game the early screenshots may have suggested.

The game consists of various gameplay modes, including a Practice option and a winner-stays-on controller swapping feature for players using the same system. The Single-Player Campaign, referred to as Brawl for it All...
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