Live in fear Redemption, you could easily be next!

A 21 year old German videogamer, particularly fond of the series Advance Wars, is being held on suspicions of killing Matthew Pyke in Nottingham. Matthew ran a forum dedicated to Advance Wars, which the supposed killer also frequented. The two appeared to know each other but after an argument taking place over the forum the suspect was believed to have traveled to the the man's apartment and murdered him with a knife.

A German computer gamer is being held in connection with the murder of a British university student after an apparent cyberspace dispute escalated into a killing.

The 21-year-old from a town near Frankfurt is accused of travelling to the UK to murder Matthew Pyke, 20, who was found last Friday.

Police are exploring the possibility that the two men fell out over Wars Central, Pyke's discussion forum.

Pyke's girlfriend, Joanna Witton, discovered his body with several stab wounds at their Nottingham city centre flat. There were no signs of forced entry leading to police to believe the dead man may have known his killer.

The two men are believed to have made contact via Pyke's forum, an internet site he ran with Witton.

The suspect, who has not been named by police, was tracked through internet postings and arrested in Limburg-Weilburg, near Frankfurt, on Wednesday evening on suspicion of murder. Extradition proceedings are under way.
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  • 0
    Gamesta100 Sep 25, 08
    The stupid F-ING pile of human excretion.Killing someone over an argument over a damn game.

    I say amputate the assholes hands.
  • 0
    RKRigney Sep 25, 08
    My God... the world is a screwed up place...
  • 0
    Zero and X Sep 25, 08
    Wait, what? Thats horrible! How can any human being kill someone because of some argument? Maybe its not him, it doesnt look like its comfirmed, but if it is, he's scum, worth less than a dog turd.
  • 2
    Xenctuary Sep 26, 08
    He travelled across countries to settle an argument related to a game?! I hope he's punished to the full extent of the law, this is terrible.
  • 0
    Aussie Legend Sep 26, 08
    The world is a very stupid unsensible place.

    Death Penalty anyone

    EDIT: I'm serious
  • 0
    Deathsythe Sep 26, 08
    Just because they couldn't agree on who was hotter - Sami or Lin? tsk tsk.

    He should receive death for this, but I don't have much faith in the law. (Though this would be international law- so there might be some hope)
  • 0
    Alieninvasion11 Sep 26, 08
    This scared me i thought it was redemption.
    • 0
      Symphonic Abyss Sep 26, 08
      I know. I thought the same as well.

      I can't believe this. Why would anyone do such a gruesome thing...
  • 0
    Kingy Sep 26, 08
    Killin somebody is wrong. Killing someone from an online argument over a damn video game is beyong stupid. Hope the asshole gets some good jail time.
  • 0
    kik36 Sep 26, 08
    Damn, I am at a loss for words. Best wishes to his girlfriend and family.
  • 0
    Storm Sep 26, 08
    Wow. Over some stupid argument? Let that murderer get life in prison...maybe rotting in jail, being able to think about the situation will make him realize what a dumb mistake he's made.

    Then again, we don't know for certain that the killer visited the forum.
  • 0
    Daigoji_Gai Sep 26, 08
    This has happened before, some lunatics take gaming a little too seriously.
  • 0
    BANDITO ATTACK Sep 26, 08
    shit just got serious guys :0
  • 0
    kspiess Sep 26, 08
    Pretty harsh.

    Hopefully the German media won't start some sort of stupid 'VIDEO GAME LEADS TO MURDER!!' or 'INTERNET FORUM DEATH!' trend of stories in the papers.
  • 0
    HawkMan78 Sep 26, 08
    Wow, Im saddened by this, dudes testicles should be ripped off. If you cant handle an argument over th4e internet then you havenno business being on there.

    My condolescenes(sp?) to the fmaily.
  • 0
    Onvacation Sep 26, 08
    I guess the internet IS srs buisness to that guy
  • 0
    sonyandnintendorule Sep 26, 08
    that guy is such a dumbass!!
  • 1
    Final Blade Sep 26, 08
    "Live in fear Redemption, you could easily be next!"
    Please tell me how? Red barely posts on Neo let alone get into arguments....oh wait sarcasm forgot.

    Anyway that sucks, then again things like this happen...unfortunately.
  • 0
    MrX867 Oct 1, 08
    Omg all that for an argument about a game?
    May that young dude rest in peace.

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