That's right! Thanks to the Beta of, we can play old school games like Fallout 1! Good Old Games, is a new site, which let's you buy old games without DRM and you'll be able to download them anytime as much as you want. So think "Retro-Steam." The site is currently in beta, so they're list of games aren't complete. GOG is currently hosting games by Interplay and CodeMasters.

Website in source. offers you critically acclaimed games from major publishers in every genre. Don't let your kids mock the graphics; remind them that the classics never go out of style, unlike their totally wicked haircut.
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    Final Blade Sep 27, 08
    Wow cool, hopefully the site will be finished and we can be able to check the retro games.
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    Sonikkuza Sep 27, 08
    Here's a beta referral key: S2ERQFCB
    (Works once I think.)
    Go to

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