Rumor has it that the next Nintendo DS redesign will feature a camera, music playback, larger screens, an SD-card slot, and new games that will make use of the camera. It will be released this year in Japan and will be under 20,000 yen. ($188 USD)

This information is coming from the Nikkei Newspaper in Japan. Images of the newspaper can be found here. Maybe this is one of the big announcements coming at Nintendo's Fall Press Conference on October 2nd?

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    Aussie Legend Sep 27, 08
    Sounds interessting.

    About time a Nintendo console was able to play music.
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    Heretic Sep 27, 08
    My god they are jst gonna keep on re-doing the DS over an over again. But these sound like totaly cool attachments.
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      Koloth Sep 27, 08
      You of course realize that the Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, and Gameboy Color were all the same thing. And that the Gamboy advance was little more than a graphics upgrade?

      Of course they are just going to keep redesigning the DS. That is what Nintendo does with their handhelds. They make them slimmer, lighter, more colorful, improve the graphics. Make the batteries last longer, and the screens bigger and brigter. It is only when they can't do that any more that they move on to the next handheld.

      The DS will go the same route.

      DS (original flavor)
      DS Lite (thinner version)
      DS Camera (Camera version)
      DS Crackberry (PDA version)

      And so on until they run out of ways to "improve" it so that people feel compelled to run out and replace a perfectly good system with the lastest "upgrade".
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      KneeNAR Sep 28, 08
      What are they gonna do, start from scratch? They're not that smart =D
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        Slumpy monkey Sep 28, 08
        How come in the I pone article you made a rant about how the I phone does too much and everything like MP3's should be seperate, How come your not making that rant here?
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    Final Blade Sep 27, 08
    Wow, already? A new PSP is going to have to compete with this new DS.
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    Sonikkuza Sep 27, 08
    Lol. They might as well fusion to make a PSDS-SPDE!
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    Zaraze Sep 28, 08
    Well this is Nintendo basically doing what homwebrew has been doing for a while XD The camera is interesting though.

    Fatal Frame DS for the win?
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    BANDITO ATTACK Sep 28, 08
    if it means it'll cut the price of the original DS, i'm all for it.
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    Xenctuary Sep 28, 08
    I hope they focus their efforts on a new handheld instead of constantly tweaking this one.
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    Tainted Sep 28, 08
    I am definitely skeptical about this announcement, but if it's true then I have to say I'm interested.
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    Heretic Sep 28, 08
    Yah it is a lil overwelming but i would get it if it is a real deal. But who know's, i sure dont.
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    Big A2 Sep 28, 08
    Games that make use of a camera?

    I think we're heading for another Virtual Boy.

    Thank god it's only rumor.
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      Dio Sep 28, 08
      Its only a rumor for now. It will become a reality on Thursday.
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    Razentsu Sep 28, 08
    Goddammit Nintendo. >.<

    Looks like I'll have to make some money.

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