With MS Xbox-Div securing yet another Exclusive DLC with Tomb Raiders: Underworld - "Beneath The Ashes" in Dec '08 and "Lara's Shadow" in '09, both of which adds to an increasing number of games adding additional content via platform exclusives. The Tomb Raiders Underworld DLC will come in 2 parts, much the same as the DLC for GTA:IV, no real news of how many and when Fallout 3 DLC will appear.

Plus we have the first full Downloadable Game being released in March called "Watchmen" through XboxLIVE, PSN and on the PC with no Disc-Base retail item for both games. There will be 2 Watchmen games released in conjunction with the two types of movie formats.

1) Cinema release 2) DVD release.

Is this the beginning of the new era of "exclusives" for game platforms ? . . . this article looks at the different aspects of DLC.

Check it out.

First there was GTA:IV's Exclusive DLC, then we discovered Fallout 3 will have Exclusive DLC for the Xbox 360, and now we have Tomb Raiders: Underworld joining the ranks of those games offering Xbox 360 owners exclusive content through XboxLIVE.

The first being "Beneath The Ashes in December, and the second will be in early '09 which will expand the series with a new playable character - Lara's Shadow !

Many news sources are saying that MS are doing poorly of late with the xbox 360. Citing that they are "having to sell off their internal studios" in order to cut costs, when in fact, that's not the case. If one checks their specialised 2002/3 XE 30 white paper, and J Allard's "3" white paper of the same period, it showed that MS's Xbox-Div estimated that it could afford to lose $US 6.2 billion within the first 7 years of the consoles life. At a worst case scenario.
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    FinalFantasyFanaticc Oct 7, 08
    Meh, I prefer to buy my games from a shop on a CD/DVD/Blu-ray ETC Disc.

    Means that you can show off your collection and trade them back in for a newer game =]
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      kik36 Oct 7, 08
      I agree. You get more for your investment when you have the option to trade it in for something that may be better in the future.

      I like SMALL downloadable games though. SuperStarDust, Pixel junk Eden and Monsters and things of that nature are perfect for DL.....and if you don't enjoy them too much you don't feel like you just got ganked when they are $5-$10. I have bought plenty of $60+ games only to wish I would have held off.
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        FinalFantasyFanaticc Oct 7, 08
        Oh yeah i agree with you there, the small downloadable games are great and should stay like that, but yeah, i prefer knowing that i can trade my game in sometime in the future for a new investment. I wouldn't pay £40-50 for a game im gonna download and have to keep forever when i know ill probably end up trading it.
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    XboxOZ360 Oct 7, 08
    I also prefer to have something in my hand when I pay for it, and DLC isn't for me in that regard. BUt I can see where this is headed. Especially with the two Watchmen games coming out that will ONLY be available through PSN, XboxLIVE and Steam for the PC . . .

    Thing is, not everyone lives in the USA or in major parts of Europe where broadband is cheap and there's very little capping with it.

    Here in Australia as an example, a 15 gig monthly download (@$AU60 - $80) would be used up in just 2 smallish games, and take some time to download. Then your speed is reduced to that of dialup and you pay higher additional fees for every meg you download.

    Making large DLC very unattractive. When you add the cost of the games via DLC stores, and the cost of capping out your BB connection, you're looking at two very expensive games, that you do not really own or can trade, sell or even give away.
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    Final Blade Oct 8, 08
    Same, although buying DLC or additional content for the game to be played longer is a bonus for me.

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