Though he may be the co-founder of Media Molecule the company behind the genious that is LittleBigPlanet, he has no second thoughts about admitting that he finds the controls for the game "annoying", and hopes to have this "refined" after the game is released.

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Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healey has admitted that controlling LittleBigPlanet "annoys" him, but insisted the studio can "refine" this after the game releases.
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    Goldva_X Oct 7, 08
    I actually agree with him. I mean seriously... I have to shake the controller like a *bleep*ing madman for it to exit the jetpack! I fell into pits a lot because of the controls as well.
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    HisServant77 Oct 7, 08
    Eh . . . they're not the greatest and smoothest, but they work fine with me. The controls are what I expect when considering what the game is about and everything. The few quirks though, like ease of switching planes and some jumps aren't easy, are a bit irritating, but manageable.

    Glad he said they can be refined though
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    Zaek Oct 7, 08
    Well I'm glad the co-founder is willing to admit that. If they can be refined great, but either way I still can't wait for this game.
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    Red 9 Oct 7, 08
    I think the controls are perfect and could not be done any other way.
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      Final Blade Oct 8, 08
      Apparently he thinks the controls can be better, and I can agree with that. Anything can be better then what it is.
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    Tiger of Wu Oct 7, 08
    Aside from the way they make you exit the Jackpack (seriously MM, what was wrong with just holding down triangle or something) I think they're fine.
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      HisServant77 Oct 7, 08
      It's being different. It'd be just like everyone else to push a button or hold a button to get rid of the jetpack. Boring and unoriginal. However, shaking it uses the sixaxis features as well as cute animation. Which is what the game is about Maybe they could at the most, just make it not so hard to get out of the jetpack, but keep the shaking.
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        Tiger of Wu Oct 8, 08
        I don't see it like that though. I respect your opinion, it's fair enough, but I see it as a cheap way to imploy the sixaxis. If they had something like steering a jetpack with the sixaxis, that'll be another thing, different and fun, but just shaking it to take it off in my opinion is an unnecessary way to just use sixaxis for the sake of it being used for something.
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          HisServant77 Oct 8, 08
          Hmm . . . Yeah that would be a better use, guiding the jetpack by the sixaxis.

          But most games tend to do the small things like the shaking, just to use the sixaxis. I don't like the idea of it, but I like the animation side of shaking the controller to get the jetpack off. But another use they have for it in the full game is when you freeze from touching the ice, you shake to break yourself out of the ice.
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    Killosity Oct 8, 08
    Best of all, its nothing a quick patch cannot fix. Kudos to Mark Healey for admitting fault in their own game.

    I do not really see it as an issue. I loved the controls. But everyones different; and the choice to alter the controls is appealing to all of us anyway.

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