Kotaku gets their hands on a new trailer for Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant, the new game set to hit stores this week.

From the looks of it - we will have the same great Crash gameplay that we have all grown to know and love.

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    Blackfalcon Oct 7, 08
    Cheesiest trailer ever. Still, the game looks cool enough, and a bit of a laugh. I doubt I'll get it, though.
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    B2smoove Oct 7, 08
    Really..... does anyone still play games like this?
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    Revenger of Wastelan Oct 7, 08
    Oh c'mon, more new Crash games? I'll stick to the classics.
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    HisServant77 Oct 7, 08
    I didn't like it on the 360, and definitely not for the PSP either

    What have they done to Crash?! Seriously? Why mess him up by having him don the punk look? Can't he just stay his original and unique self instead?

    Ah well . . . like what happened with Spyro, the only good Crash games were the original ones. Once Naughty Dog left the game, it went downhill just like Spyro did when Insomniac left it.
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    Final Blade Oct 8, 08
    Damn, no supporters.

    Anyway I'm probably going to pick this up, as long as there a fun factor in it for me.
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      HisServant77 Oct 8, 08
      Haha, That's alright, I hope it's fun. Only problem is that my memory of how Crash was originally, taints my view of the new crash games I just miss those.

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