Be warned before you read the interview, there are some spoilers!

Adrian Estergaard got a chance to talk with Dead Space senior producer, Chuck Beaver.

Some of the things let slip is the description and name of Chapter 6's boss! Read on for the entire interview

Adrian: Being able to play with gravity looks like a dream come true for creative level design. Is there a PC level editor on the way that will let users unleash their creativity? Well, creativity and wretched hordes of monsters of course!

Chuck: We don’t have a PC level editor on deck at this time, but that’s a great idea. Our level designers had an absolute blast designing the zero-G areas of levels. It also represented a significant challenge, though, as they had to design rooms where almost every surface was a potential puzzle and/or combat area. The room has to look like a real room from an artistic standpoint, but it also needs clear flight paths and walkable surfaces in 360 degrees. In most games, you don’t have to worry about what would happen if the main character and a bunch of enemies were fighting on the ceiling, but that’s a huge consideration in zero-G.
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  • 0
    Xenctuary Oct 7, 08
    Awesomecakes. It's a shame there's no co-operative play, but the game still sounds like a lot of fun.
    • 1
      tekmosis Oct 7, 08
      *passes Xenc the controller* there, co-op play
  • 0
    chautemoc Oct 7, 08
    Congrats on the interview, Adrian. Good stuff.
  • 0
    Sayyed Oct 7, 08
    45 hits when it was only approved 12 seconds ago?

    Anyways I want to buy this game, but with all the release this month, I think I might have to rent it. Unless I get a job.

    The zero-g levels sound awesome.

    I wonder how long the game is, and how much replay value there is too?
    • 0
      tekmosis Oct 7, 08
      article score != hits
      article score != rates
      article == lots of combined factors
  • 0
    Gutter_Tech Oct 7, 08
    ya great interview for neo
  • 0
    Bale Fire Oct 7, 08
    How did someone from Neoseeker actually get an interview with the Dead Space producer? I certainly wouldn't to talk to any of you
    • 0
      tekmosis Oct 7, 08
      We have our resources! (plus something coming soon I mean should have been announced today but we're holding it for tomorrow )

      It's ok, we wouldn't want to talk to you either! So, it's a mutual understanding.
  • 0
    RabidChinaGirl Oct 7, 08
    Wee, yay for Neoseeker! Yay for Adrian!
  • 0
    Final Blade Oct 8, 08
    Great interview, once question though, who's Adrian Estergaard?

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