The Grand Theft Auto series has always been associated with great music, especially after the masterpiece that was Vice City, but could Saints Row 2 be the one to knock GTA off the top spot, once and for all ?

It does have The Final Countdown by Europe after all...

89 GenX
All That I've Got - The Used
Lying Is the Most FunÂ… - Panic At The Disco
Rock And Roll Queen - The Subways
Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
Hate ( I Really Like You) - Plain White T's
Hole In the Earth - Deftones
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Jet
Knights - Minus The Bear
Let Me In - Hot Hot Heat
Makedamnsure - Taking Back Sunday
Face Down - Red Jump Suit Apparatus
Coat of Arms - The Life and Times
What You Need - Galactic
Misery Business - Paramore

The Mix 107.77
Down Under - Men At Work
Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
Pretty In Pink - Psychedelic Furs
Take On Me - A-Ha
The Reflex - Duran Duran
Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds
Out of Touch - Hall & Oates
Sister Christian - Night Ranger
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
Everybody's Working For The Weekend - Loverboy
The Final Countdown - Europe

Full list after the jump.
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  • 0
    BlackLabel Oct 7, 08
    It's *bleep*ing epic i mean the metal station is the biggest change, i mean for the life of me i have wanted real metal on a station in a GTA and now i have it just in Saints Row 2. Awesome stuff.
    • 1
      Seproth Oct 7, 08
      I damn near shat myself when I saw Opeth. What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse is one my my favorite black dahlia tracks.

      OMG... that's awesome

      Damn, on second thought, why the hell did they cram Wolfmother in with an otherwise amazing station?
  • 0
    FinalFantasyFanaticc Oct 7, 08
    This game is everything GTA IV should have been and more.
    Move aside Rockstar and let THQ and Volitions through.
  • 0
    Shadow net583x s Oct 7, 08
    I'm in to preorder this, get the merchandise, and stand with a hatchet at EB Games saying "Who ELSE thinks they're next in line!"
  • 0
    Gamesta100 Oct 7, 08
    I can't believe I'll be able to rock on to Take On Me, Down Under and The Final Countdown.HELL YEAH!!!
  • 0
    Bale Fire Oct 7, 08
    Nice, list. And authentic songs too
  • 3
    Armed Rebel Oct 7, 08
    Buying just for the Final Countdown.
  • 0
    The Don Oct 7, 08
    Wow, I really like these songs and all the variety. They seem more down-to-earth and a lot more common than songs from previous GTA games (which btw created a lot of their own music in LCS which was quite odd).
  • 1
    BANDITO ATTACK Oct 7, 08
    joss stone.

    i wonder how much $$$ they spent to license all this.
  • 0
    LinkinPork Oct 7, 08
    NIGHT RANGER! This is fantastic.
  • 3
    Killosity Oct 7, 08
    Saints Row 2 > GTAIV

    • 0
      Final Blade Oct 8, 08
      Im sorry, I wasn't aware the soundtrack is what makes this game better then GTA4.
      • 0
        Killosity Oct 8, 08
        It does for me sadly. THATS HOW SHALLOW I AM!
        Music ftw. Nice variety on that note.
  • 0
    Zero and X Oct 7, 08
    My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Discp = girly emo shit
    other than that, pretty solid, but Vice City still has the better soundtrack imo.
    • 1
      Seproth Oct 7, 08
      So? You expect to like every song on the whole soundtrack?

      It's variety.
    • 0
      BlackLabel Oct 8, 08
      If you hadn't noticed Zero they were on an emo/punk/pop radio station, this game has it all and i am pretty glad they have MCR and Panic in there in some way, what i have come to learn is while i don't like the songs in reality they often work very well in the game.
      • 1
        Zero and X Oct 8, 08
        I was just pointing it out, it is good to have variety, I am just pointing out what I dont like, simple as that. Also I could care less what people listen to these days as long as I hear a song that I think is good, wether its trendy or not makes no diffrence.
        • 0
          Final Blade Oct 8, 08
          I have to agree with Zero, I could give two shits what songs are popular by the masses, if I enjoy some song and its not being popular Its good for me.
    • 0
      Deathsythe Oct 8, 08
      Yeah, well Vice City probably had one of the best soundtracks in the history of gaming. It took place in Miami in the 80s, how could you go wrong musically?
      • 0
        Gamesta100 Oct 8, 08
        To me VC has THE best soundtrack in gaming history.
  • 0
    lord of vice city Oct 8, 08
    no LP?

    not interested.
  • 0
    Deathsythe Oct 8, 08
    They really need a station that just plays Darkside of the Moon or Rush's Moving Pictures non-stop.

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