There are new screenshots for Sega's upcoming upcoming RPG, Phantasy Star Zero for the Nintendo DS. It is the latest game in the Phantasy Star Online subseries.

Various environments will be available to be explored in this game, along with the familiar cast of races and job types, with some new combinations thrown into the mix. The game will also be WiFi and multiplayer compatible, with four players able to party up either locally or over the Nintendo WiFi Connection. At this week's Tokyo Game Show, a special mission will be able available, and a Rag Rappy doll will be given to showgoers.

The game is expected to release in Japan on December 25th. You can check out the official site here. Check out the rest of the screenshots over at the source. The game will be at this week's Tokyo Game Show 2008 from October 9th to October 12th at Sega's booth in Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

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    dark marik Oct 8, 08
    The graphics look pretty awesome. Never seen something so 3d like in DS before, or maybe I'm just too outdated on my comments. Haven't played DS for a while.

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