The day has finally come for LittleBigPlanet fans. Announced through a new video, both Sephirorth and Solid Snake have been confirmed to be in LittleBigPlanet.

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  • 1
    Killosity Oct 9, 08
    The gamers orgasm?
    I only thought it was a myth. I just had one.
  • 0
    keyblade_sith_lord Oct 9, 08
    Dude, this game is *bleep*ing awesome.
  • 1
    Newcloud Oct 9, 08
    ARHHHHHHH!!!!! i need Sephiroth!! NOW!!
  • 3
    Miss Razz Oct 9, 08
    Aww, that little Sephirith one is so cute. <3
    • 0
      Bale Fire Oct 9, 08
      Well back off because he's mine!
    • 0
      Newcloud Oct 9, 08
      that maybe so but hes is RUTHLESS i tell you
    • 0
      Final Blade Oct 13, 08
      I agree, I now want a Sephy Sackboy Plushie in my room.
  • 0
    Shadow of Death Oct 9, 08
    Ummmm, they look so well customized, I would imagine they are DL-able outfits for the game? Some of the stuff is specialized, after all.

    Do they cost money, I wonder.
  • 0
    Zaek Oct 9, 08
    LOL, that is really sick! I hope they are free or unlockable in the game!
  • 0
    kik36 Oct 9, 08
    I frickin' LOVE this game!!!!
  • 1
    Wolfwood Oct 9, 08
    Sackboy Sephiroth is cute when he's angry...
  • 0
    neto_360 Oct 9, 08
    haha I like the little Sephiroth. Looks pretty cool
  • 1
    Capn Droid Oct 9, 08
    First Kratos, now a Snake and Sephy? Oh, please continue, Sony. We'd love more orgasmic little sacks of cute.
  • 0
    Subzer0 Oct 9, 08
    This game is looking promising. I'm starting to think it might be worthy for rent.
  • 0
    Breezy Oct 10, 08
    Zomg! I might have to buy this game just to see its version of Snake! Hai-larious.
  • 0
    Zero and X Oct 10, 08
    Luckily my sister is going to ask this game for christmas, I dont have to spend a dime on it, lol, friggin sweet, this game is just looking so good.
  • 0
    Raven_Angel2007 Oct 10, 08
    Game looks pretty cool. The little Sephiroth is cute.

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