Just two days ago rumors were once again all over the Internet as a PR Manager for Konami mentioned that MGS4 for the 360 was being considered. However Konami have now denied the rumor, saying there is no version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in the works for the 360. Even the original article detailing the supposed possibility of a port has been changed, which is now advertising other Konami games.

Konami, in yet again denying rumors that Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) is in the works for the Xbox 360, made a quote from its PR man disappear in the night.

The persistent rumor popped up again after Konami PR rep Yoshitaka Arai told the Japanese branch of investment firm Morningstar, "we are investigating releasing a 360 version." But GameCyte picked up that Japanese game blog my game news flash noticed that the story was quietly changed.
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    Koloth Oct 17, 08
    What did I tell you. PR guys are full of it.
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    streetcarp81 Oct 17, 08
    i love my 360 and i usually prefer to buy games for the 360 over my ps3, but i would never of bought mgs4 for xbox. Not because of those that say metal gear is linked with playstation or any of that crap, but because MGS4 operates perfectly for the ps3 and im sure the game would lose something in the journey to the 360. The game is perfect on ps3 and thankfully that is where it will stay.
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    Seeker X Oct 17, 08
    So close yet so far....again?

    These rumors seem to bring out everyone's true colors anyways, they look like dipshits later on.
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    Armed Rebel Oct 17, 08
    Haha, this is actually getting funny.
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    Zero and X Oct 17, 08
    This is seriously getting annoying, 360 fanboys, if you want metal gear 4, go buy a PS3, dont wanna? Too bad, life aint fair, get over it.
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    Final Blade Oct 17, 08
    quote Me
    ....cause time and time again this rumor has been squashed by the man himself who directed this game, Kojima(as well as Konami). It makes fanboys like you get their hopes up believing in old rumors that clearly can't die, just to give another game under the Xbox name. Sorry its not happening.
    Obvious it was going to be squashed as they always do.
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    Subtle Demise Oct 17, 08
    They should make it for the Wii instead.
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      Chad Oct 17, 08
      Hahahaha, I love you.

      I would like to see a Nintendo DS version of it though. It would be interesting to see how they would integrate the two screens into the game. Still, for the 360? Gosh, until every 360 owner goes out and buys a PS3 to get it, these same rumors will keep coming up and keep getting denied.
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        Final Blade Oct 18, 08
        Thats the beauty of Fanboys, they'll do anything for headlines.

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