Ben Kuchera over at ArsTech had the opportunity to meet the dead space team and get a hands on look at this exciting new upcoming sci-fi horror.

From the weapons, to flying around in zero-g, to the intuitive controls, Dead Space is a winner.

I had a chance to travel to San Francisco to meet the team behind the game and explore the process that went into creating Dead Space, so I know that nothing about the game was effortless. This was one of EA's most focus-tested games, and the team described multiple times that developers butted heads with gamers over ease of use vs. the ability to go for the scares. The time they put in paid off, and luckily the team seems to have had almost complete freedom to chase its vision.

This is a game that makes you want to pop some popcorn, turn down the lights, and dig in for hours at a time. Let's take a look at what makes Dead Space so special.


After the game is over, you're given a cash and node bonus to upgrade your equipment, and you can then play again with the guns and gear you've earned and beat the game again on a higher difficulty. Just like with Resident Evil 4, the first thing I did upon finishing Dead Space was to play it again.

The good

* Beautiful graphics, strong engine
* Weapons are original, balanced well
* Survival horror play makes every decision important
* Strong story, voice acting, writing
* Brand new IP, everything feels fresh
* Deep backstory, which you can explore in multiple ways
* Scary!

The bad

* 12 hour playtime and single-player only may make this a rental for some
* Explaining the stains in your pants

The ugly

* The masses of gamers who will miss out on an incredible experience because of a DRM-inspired EA boycott

Verdict: Buy
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    Final Blade Oct 17, 08
    Sounds like they forgot to aim when they were shooting.

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