Electronic Theatre reveals the revised UK release date for LittleBigPlanet after the controversal delay. Includes visual evidence direct from SONY themselves...

That LittleBigPlanet has received a worldwide delay has not gone unnoticed. While some territories are still awaiting news of a new release date, the UK has been lucky...
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    Cruxis Mana Oct 17, 08
    Well I'd much rather get it on the 24th, as was originally planned, but I suppose this isn't that bad.

    Also, when someone writes an article on a release date, can they at least include that release date somewhere on the article ?

    It's the 31st of October for those who didn't know...
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      kevcothirtythree Oct 17, 08
      I could've sworn they did...

      "...the UK has been lucky in the fact that the title has simply been pushed-back to its originally suggested release date; 31st October 2008"
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    Sayyed Oct 17, 08
    uuhhh...this is for UK.

    Hopefully the same time for NA.
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    redneonfish Oct 17, 08
    Argh. 31st October, same time as Fallout right?

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