The Nintendo Wii has copped a lot for going with the whole "casual game" theme, though maybe some people enjoy it more than others.

Robin Yates of Patterson Mill Middle/High School has been letting her students who have autism play with a Nintendo Wii each day. There's been nothing but very positive feedback, with all the kids loving it. It allows the kids who have this condition be active when normally they wouldn't be. It offers easy play so anyone can have fun and it's been noted that it's helping them with functions such as hand-to-eye coordination. They are also being encouraged to play more outside of the school program.

The teachers also got something out of it, having to help the children. Some turned out great at video games and some not, but they all enjoy it.

Currently they've been playing Wii Sports with the children. In the future, they'd like to use Wii Fit to further their exercise and Guitar Hero to introduce them to making and having fun with music.

Some of the students would love to play Wii all day long," Tyrrell said. "We can't let them do that. So we put Wii on their daily schedule right after lunch time. That way, they know exactly when they can play
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  • 0
    BlackLabel Nov 5, 08
    Because you will never amount to anything in life lets teach you how to play video games... Makes sense to me.
    • 1
      Newcloud Nov 5, 08
      you've never seen or talked to someone with autism have you?
    • 3
      Tiger of Wu Nov 5, 08
      So why aren't they teaching you?

      Here's a small list of people with varying forms of autism who have amounted to more then you ever will. Enjoy.
    • 2
      black doom Nov 5, 08
      People with autism can be very helpful to the world. A far milder alternative mentality known as Asperger's Syndrome brings about several of the attributes, positive and negative, in people who are generally very useful and very skilled in the fields of work they take too. Actually the milder version is often taken as merely the person simply being a nerd. Autism works on a scale, the milder cases and people with Aspergers tend to be as smart or smarter than normal people but socially weak.

      Hopefully I will make that list for a similar reason to Satoshi Tajiri. I have been told I am very light, I have sort of taken control over my awkwardness but it still creeps up at times and well if I weren't obsessive would I fit in on Neoseeker?

      Actually I suspect there are a larger number on Neoseeker than I will meet in my life.
    • 7
      LinkinPork Nov 5, 08
      Comments like BlackLabel's make me miss the thumbs down feature.
      • 1
        Big A2 Nov 6, 08
        I agree. There's no point having an "agree or disagree" thing if your only going to let us agree or do nothing.
    • 0
      Capn Droid Dec 13, 08
      There is a large line between a potential handicap and autism.

      Tiger of Wu's link is win, btw. Thumbs up to that.
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    dwg14390 Nov 5, 08
    I can't believe someone like him could be so closeminded.

    Just because there disabled one way or another, still doesn't mean that they'll never amount to anything in life.....why am I wasting my time on you *blacklabel*

    You sir, lose.
  • 4
    Killosity Nov 6, 08
    Because you will never amount to anything in life lets teach you how to play video games... Makes sense to me.
    Your a stupid closeminded prick with no true understand or consideration for those who actually do have autism.

    They are wonderful and well-mannered, and arguably a lot more mature that the average dweller in the world. Most likely, that will grow and become a lot more substantial that you ever will Blacklabel. Seriously, I had every bit of respect for you until that comment...

    Personally, I find it fantastic to see the Nintendo Wii being used in more effective ways. The various functions of the Wii will hopefully provide these kids hours of enjoyment and fun. They certainly deserve it.
    • 0
      Newcloud Nov 6, 08
      i agree with you 100% i love how there using the wii to help them...
      my mam when out and bought a wii for my little sister who is autistic after reading about it

      blacklabel has all my respect aswell it people like him that make me sick
      • 1
        black doom Dec 13, 08
        Since it is said Asperger's Syndrome is more common as the father grows older I am assuming she is your little sister. Am I right?
        • 0
          Newcloud Dec 13, 08
          ya thats right she going to a school now.. me the rest of my family is seeing a big improvement
        • 1
          black doom Dec 13, 08
          School like that or a normal one?

          Sorry I don't mean to intrude and it is somewhat crude since I am almost asking how 'bad' she is but I am quite curious as too the level of your sister. I have heard conflicting reports of which is more common Asperger's Syndrome or the more extreme autism.

          I have Asperger's Syndrome as you may have guessed and have been raised in good manner for that since before I was diagnosed. Although my Neurotypical side seems pretty thick at times, I am a teenage younger brother with a big brother who is a bright spark, and that is not a matter of comparison, he was in the top class in school. Thus I end up being lazy since he can do the thinking if you catch my drift.
        • 0
          Newcloud Dec 14, 08
          ya she goes to a special school and i dont really know what level it is she has but she cant really talk she says cling instead of please and whenever she gets angry she hits her head of the wall and other things she close to and she mainly plays and does things by herself... oh and went she not angry she sometimes laughs at nothing which is pretty funny
        • 0
          black doom Dec 14, 08
          Well at least if she is laughing at nothing she must be somewhat happy inside. The knowledge that she goes to that sort of school is somewhat of an indicator but I am willing to bet that should they find whatever 'hidden' skills lurks in her behind her autism she will do well for herself, even if she still needs your support.
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    Linkerd101 Dec 10, 08
    Man, thats deep..
    I have a friend whose autistic..
    I taught him how to play brawl, wii sports and mario kart...
    thats awesome, I felt a good feeling in my heart after I did that.
  • 0
    BANDITO ATTACK Dec 13, 08
    let's all make lame jokes in terrible taste.
    • 0
      Capn Droid Dec 13, 08
      Sorry, but you're a bit late.
  • 0
    RabidChinaGirl Dec 13, 08
    Wow, that's pretty great! I never would've thought of it myself, but it totally makes sense. Kudos to the teacher for making use of the Wii in such a way.

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