Electronic Theatre reveals the secret of escaping from Fallout 3's Traquility Lane without bowing down to the malicious young "Betty". Contains SPOILERS...

Want to escape from Tranquility Lane without Bad Karma? Does Betty keep harassing you? Find the “Abandoned House”, and in the first room you’ll find six objects – a Broken Radio, Glass Pitcher, Cinder Block, Garden Gnome and Empty Bottle. Activate each in the following sequence, then watch the walls…
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    Gutter_Tech Nov 7, 08
    that would have been good to know about 20 hours ago......
  • 0
    kspiess Nov 7, 08
    Anybody know where Dog Meat is? I can't find him.

    Wait -- don't tell me.
  • 0
    Lost_Cause Nov 7, 08
    Haha come on the black lady saying people aren't allowed to go in there and musical chimes while using items didn't clue anybody in? Took me a bit to figure out some were used more than once though.

    kspiess, I'll totally tell you if you end up changing your mind.
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      Seproth Nov 7, 08
      yeah, I figured it out quick too. It did take me a long time to get the order straight though, I didn't realize you had to do some twice.
  • 0
    kspiess Nov 7, 08
    Thanks! I'll keep in mind. I'm really trying to stay away from walkthroughs and spoilers but its tough..!

    The locked door at the end of the National Depot is also killing me.
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    Ultima_Weapon Nov 7, 08
    I accidently found vault 112 and skipped most of the main quest!!
    • 0
      kevcothirtythree Nov 8, 08
      I did that too, but I'd say it's far from MOST of the quest I skipped - about two/three main missions at most...

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