More details are emerging about Bungie's fall 2009 title, Halo 3: Recon. New details show that there will be a sort of squad play involved, but nothing like anyone was looking for. It mentions briefly the idea of an open world experience that you explore with a rookie ODST, which leads you to discover the fate of the city and of your squad mates.

The first details on Bungie's ambitious Halo 3 expansion Recon have finally emerged, detailing new equipment, more human characters and surprisingly, an open-world city.

Revealed in the latest issue of US magazine Game Informer, players take control of The Rookie, a faceless, voiceless Orbital Drock Shock Trooper part of a five-man team rocketed into Ground Zero of Earth city New Mombasa, during the events of Halo 2.
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    LightWarrior Nov 18, 08
    Open World eh? Hopefully this is a hint that we'll have Free Roam throughout the City rather than a linear pathway throughout the campaign. Nice find Terry.
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    Bale Fire Nov 18, 08
    I think that is exaggerated, Bioshock claimed something similar but was no where near a open world. Still it would be welcome if it happened.
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    Xenctuary Nov 19, 08
    Open world? That sounds great, potentially. I hope Bungie get it right!
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    Brian 3344 Dec 7, 08
    Sweet an Open World Halo game. I only wish that ODST didn't come out until next fall, but the longer the wait the better.
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    Slumpy monkey Dec 7, 08
    Well I found that quite a few levels on Halo 3 felt like it was open world, Like that desert one for instance.

    This sounds awesome though, I don't recall there ever being a "city" level, so this should be interesting to see what they do.

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