The Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, StoneHendge, they are all considered one of the many wonders of the world. But Videogames have had amazing archetype buildings that need a little recognition. From old castles to an underwater city. They all awe inspiring and majestic.

If there’s one thing that videogames do well – perhaps more so than any form of digital entertainment around – it’s immersion. The ability to suck in an individual not just through giving them complete control over their actions, but more pertinently, through the surroundings and awe-inspiring sights developers painstakingly carve and sculpt. It’s debatable that this sense of captivation has only progressed, with more talented designers getting more out of increasingly powerful consoles. And as gamers, we find ourselves witnessing sights more worthy of being put onto a postcard than anything you’d find in the “real world”. So with that in mind, here are just seven places in the videogame world you wouldn’t decline taking a tourist guided visit to.
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    Fury Nov 20, 08
    I'm surprised they didn't pick something from one of the Halo games. Bungie has always tried to glorify their giant structures. Hell, the series is named after one of them.
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    Killosity Nov 20, 08
    Zanarkand from FFX? Tis not there! Thats a shame lol.

    I do agree with the Half-Life 2 and Bioshock stuff there though; very true!
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    Archangel Nov 20, 08
    Surprised places from FF aren't there. Midgar especially.
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    Darknet Nov 20, 08
    What?! No [insert place] from FF[insert number]?! I'm outraged...
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    Shadow of Death Nov 21, 08
    Looks like they avoided the "FF reference required" bit that seems required of articles.

    Meh, the Agency Tower is cool (not that hard to get to the top though), but it isn't the first thing I think of when someone mentions "7 wonders of the video game world" or anything like that....

    Well, I don't have any experience with most of the list. I have played Half Life 2, but never got that far into it. I played a few legend of Zelda games. And as you can guess, yeah, I've played Crackdown...

    But the other games? Not so much....
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    black doom Nov 21, 08
    The moment when I knew I would be a gamer forever was when I first left Kokiri forest. Something in Hyrule Field triggered something deep inside me, and since I am researching coding (and several other types of) courses on the basis of wanting to be a game designer that says a lot.
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    Ammy and Issun Nov 21, 08
    I'm surprised they put kamiki village from Okami in, They should have put The Great Cat Tower or The Underwater Palace. now THOSE were cool

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