This truely is one hilarious video (or really audio). Someone calls up a radio show and tells them about a dream they had... of course the dream is pretty much Fallout 3. You can listen to it for yourselves below.

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    chautemoc Nov 30, 08
    Coast to Coast AM is awesome!
  • 1
    Krunal Nov 30, 08
    Was it me or did the host clock onto what he was talking about with the whole "nuked huh..." and then the way he cut the caller... or was he just rude?
    • 1
      RhasiirTheArcher Nov 30, 08
      If you listen to the audio, after he says the "nuked huh..." line, he follows up with "oh god..." after the caller says "Like it was fallout or something"
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    Salvador_Dog Nov 30, 08
    AWESOME!! this some serious shit
    the guy sounded like he knew something but didn't want to sound stupid by saying it.
  • 1
    ShadowJ Nov 30, 08
    Would have been funnier if the caller started off saying he had a vision of what was going to happen...then went into describing fallout 3 mainly because the presenter clicked on halfway through but meh kudos to the caller doing it
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    yugiRULER Nov 30, 08
    haha, the announcer sounded like he didnt care at all.
  • 1
    Roy Nov 30, 08
    He seems like he is not enthusiastic at all. I can see where the guuy being interviewed is coming from.
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    kspiess Dec 1, 08
    Hahaha that's pretty good. I like Coast to Coast.
  • 0
    Spurs_Rule_And_Rock Dec 28, 08
    Lol! He sounded like he didn't care whatsoever.

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